10+ Mistakes Fans Didn't Notice In 'Lady And The Tramp'

One of my favorite movies growing up was Lady and the Tramp. I must have made my parents watch it one hundred times over. It's gotten to the point where I consider myself an expert on the topic.

As a result, I've been able to string together these 10+ mistakes that fans didn't notice in Disney's Lady and the Tramp.

Have a look and see if you were able to spot them!

1. What's going on with the dogcatcher's sign?


Count the number of fence boards from the Tramp to the edge of the sign: it's four full panels away.

But once the dogcatcher finishes his work it seems to move further on down the fence!

Count again: how many boards to you see this time around?


As soon as the Tramp emerges from the hole in the fence, somehow there are now six full boards between the sign and the hole.

How did that happen?

2. There's something strange about the newspaper beside Lady's basket.


Right before going to bed, Jim Dear places a large piece of newspaper down on the floor - in case Lady has an accident in the night.

But as soon as they turn out the light and leave the room, something happens.

The newspaper completely vanishes from sight, like it was never there to begin with!


After being put back to bed, Lady once again leaves her basket to seek out Jim Dear and Darling.

If you notice the kitchen floor, there's no trace of the newspaper whatsoever.

3. Cut me some slack!


As Darling sits knitting, Lady tries in vain to play with her.

If you notice the ball of yarn in her lap, you can see that Darling has it wrapped taut, with no slack from the ball.

But as soon as Lady causes her to drop it on the floor, all of a sudden the yarn ball has plenty of slack?


I actually went through a pretty knitting phase myself so I've learned a thing or two.

There's no way the ball should have dropped like that if it was that taut.

4. Where exactly did the toast come from?


As Jim Dear and Mrs. Darrling sit and have their breakfast, you can see an assortment of breakfast items on the table.

One thing that you do not see anywhere is a piece of toast.

But then all of a sudden BOOM! The toast appears as if by magic.


Not only that but there also appears to be several items missing as well!

What happened to the grapefruit on the plate and the bowl of fruit?

5. Where did those barrels come from?


While we're on the subject, where did the lettuce from where as well? The Tramp was literally standing next to a fence not ten seconds prior!

But then as soon as the camera cuts to a different angle, the scenery also changes.

7. The hole in the log gets drastically bigger as the scene progresses.


Watch closely as Lady and the Tramp speak with the Beaver: he voraciously chews a tree log in half.

As he continues to try and push the log toward the river, the distance between the two halves keeps increasing.

8. It sure doesn't look like any of the wires on the door are broken?


If you keep on watching, as soon as Lady approaches the cage there are two wires near the bottom left corner of the screen that now appear cut.

9. Toward the very end of the film, the drum sticks underneath the Christmas tree disappear!


Watch as the one puppy pulls at the string of Jock's sweater. When the scene begins, you can clearly see the two sticks resting atop the drum.

But after Lady intervenes and places the pup in the box, there are no sticks anywhere on the drum!

10. Lady's leash keeps moving around throughout the scene.


After the Tramp comes to Lady's rescue, he attempts to help her remove the muzzle on her face. As he does this, pay attention to her leash on the ground.

It changes from hanging off her right side to dangling on the floor immediately in front of her.

11. Where have all the flowers gone?


While singing one of the more racially insensitive Disney songs, the Siamese cats jump on the piano and accidentally knock over the flower vase.

If you pay attention, you'll see at least two roses fall to the floor.

So then where did they go?


The roses only fall to the floor after Lady runs past the piano bench. But as was just mentioned, we know that isn't the case!

There should have been flowers already on the ground by the time she got there.