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15+ Incredible Pics That Show How Cool Nature Really Is

While nature has more than its share of both adorable and terrifying creatures and features, we can also find that some parts of the natural world don't really fit into either category.

This can apply to the fairly mundane plants we see every day, but some things that spawned from the chaos of the world outside are just cool and fascinating.

Whether they're hiding themselves so well that even our keen senses can't spot them or doing something we never realized the could, the life forms in these pics give us the impression that they'll never stop surprising us no matter how long we study them.

1. While we might be able to appreciate that any animal can potentially be albino, it's still dazzling to see such a bright white alligator.

Reddit | bjs1023113

And not only is it a satisfying sight, but it's also a pretty rare one.

That's not just because albinism is uncommon in alligators, but rather because standing out this much from your environment often doesn't bode well for your survival when you're an animal.

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2. You can hardly blame the bee in this photo for getting caught by the spider, can you?

Reddit | BBorNot

Right now, there's a fairly good chance that you're wondering, "What spider?" But if you look just above the bee and slightly to the right, you can see its legs.

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3. Their uncanny ability to climb walls make geckos pretty cool in general, but it's hard not to get entranced by this one's aesthetic.

Reddit | FrozoneIceCold

This is a northern spiny-tailed gecko, but it seems like it would be just as fitting to call it a spiny-eyed gecko. That's some commitment to the camouflage.

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4. Despite the eye-catching crystallization at work here, we're actually looking at the remnants of a tree trunk in Arizona.

Reddit | Elektrik_Magnetix

According to AZ Central, these petrified stumps have been standing here for over 200 million years and grew these quartz-like crystals after their wood absorbed a lot of silica over the course of millennia after they were covered in volcanic ash.

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5. Whatever comes to mind when you're asked to picture a jellyfish, it's probably not what you're about to see.

Reddit | Rben97

But considering how colorful and oddly beautiful the crown jellyfish is, it may make enough of an impression that you start picturing it more often.

It even looks like it has jewels in it!

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6. Despite how it may seem, we're not actually watching one insect eating another.

Reddit | KryptonianITSupport

Instead, we're seeing a cicada moult. I wouldn't have guessed that it would look so green after shedding its old exoskeleton, but there's obviously more to these insects than the noise they make.

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7. As picturesque as this scene is, it also kind of looks like a lot of blood seeped into this creek.

Reddit | RunicNature

However, what we're actually seeing is a type of red grass growing along the edge of the water. It's not a common sight, but it's certainly a striking one.

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8. This mollusk is known as a sea clown and that's likely due to its coloration since there isn't anything particularly funny about it.

Reddit | panarthropodism

That's not to say that it isn't interesting, though. It's somehow found a way to make tide pool fish avoid eating it.

As far as researchers can tell, this is because it releases a chemical that makes it unappealing to them.

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9. It's not unusual to see baby animals crowd around their mother when they need to feed, but these possums look like they just want to cuddle with her.

Reddit | programmerxyz

This behavior is so adorable that it almost seems like they were posed that way, but it's hard to imagine the mother possum letting someone get that close to her young.

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10. This lynx spider couldn't have found a better place to fit in than this spiny plant.

Reddit | cameron120792

One might expect that matching that green tuft at the center of this plant would provide enough cover, but it even emulated the little red spines.

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11. From this photo, we can see that macaw parrots can blush.

Reddit | bad_werewolf

It's possible that many bird species can do this as well, but any blushing is hidden by their facial features.

And similarly to when we do it, parrots blush when they feel excitement or other intense emotions.

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12. This might normally seem like a dead plant, but it can actually survive in the deepest and darkest forests.

Reddit | panda91104

That's because unlike many plants, it sustains its life from a parasitic relationship with other plants rather than through photosynthesis.

That also explains its ghostly appearance because it doesn't have any chlorophyll.

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13. The maned wolf gets its name from wolves and its appearance from foxes, but it's not actually related to either of them.

Reddit | lucy992

Instead, it is a unique species and the only member of the genus Chrysocyon. It's also known to have urine that smells like a skunk's emissions, so it sounds like it's best admired from afar.

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14. If you're wondering where so many flamingos gather at once, the answer is the Great Rift Valley in Kenya.

Reddit | hominoid_in_NGC4594

According to UNESCO, the area is known to attract over 4 million flamingos a year and is also home to 13 of the world's threatened bird species.

This makes it the site of one of the highest bird diversities in the world.

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15. The difference between a lot of animals at birth and when they reach adulthood is night and day, but it seems particularly stark in the case of ocean sunfish.

Reddit | Saiyanoflegendss

As we can see, they're adorably tiny with protruding spines at birth, but eventually grow into goliaths like the one we see above. They don't lose that dopey expression on their faces, though.

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16. The carniverous worm known as the Eulagisca gigantean is an outright nightmarish sight, but the good news is that you'll probably never meet one.

Reddit | BeardedGlass

That's because it inhabits the darkest ocean depths around Antarctica and unless you're on a very special research mission, you likely have no business there.

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17. These tigers are fairly easy to recognize as such, but you've likely noticed a big difference in their stripes.

Reddit | cas2ie

We've seen an albino alligator so far, but an animal can also turn out darker than usual if it's melanistic.

In rare cases, this genetic condition can result in black tigers, but we can see here that lesser effects can be noticeable as well.

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18. This shark isn't eating an invisible fish, so that narrows down why it seems to be expending so much energy.

Reddit | FormerFruit

What we're looking at is a sign that it's about to breach, or propel itself from the water.

It usually does this to catch prey like seals because the effort to jump likely wouldn't otherwise seem worth its while.

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19. If you get uncomfortable when a moth finds its way in your home, you can at least take comfort in the fact that it's not this big.

Reddit | Elektrik_Magnetix

This is an atlas moth and it's most commonly found in Southeast Asia. With a wingspan measuring at up to a foot, it's the largest moth in the world in terms of surface area.

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20. As the uploader put it, here we have a "Himalayan Griffon Vulture showing off its fake eyes."

Reddit | _ThePaperball

I suppose it's comforting to know that I wasn't the only one who thought I was looking at some unusual species of blind owl with a large head until I saw its real eyes.

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