Disney Movies With Plot Holes So Big, They're Hard To Ignore

Who doesn't love a good old fashioned Disney classic every now and again? They're the movies that defined and shaped our childhood, so what could possibly be wrong with that?

As it turns out - quite a lot. After a recent Disney deep dive, I've come up with 10+ massive plot holes in Disney movies that fans still can't get over!

Have a look and see for yourself.

1. If the glass slipper fits perfectly, how did it fall off *Cinderella*'s foot in the first place?

That, my friends, is what you call a paradox!

If the shoe is so perfectly customized to her foot, then no amount of running could have possibly caused it to dislodge from her foot.

Furthermore, shouldn't it have magically disappeared just like everything else at the stroke of midnight?


Cinderella's other glass slipper certainly did, along with the carriage and her dress.

Yet somehow, just because the slipper wasn't on her person, it's exempt from this rule?

2. Where did *Pocahontas* learn how to speak English?


If this is the first time that she's ever seen a white man, how is she already so adept at the language?

Pocahontas speaks as if she's been fluent her entire life!

3. Why didn't Scar simply kill Simba himself in *The Lion King*?

There were no witnesses and absolutely no one was there to stop him, so why let Simba "run away" to begin with?

Scar clearly has no issues with killing family members, so this just seems like pure hubris.

4. Actually, The Horned King isn't very powerful at all in *The Black Cauldron*.


He seems to get defeated pretty darn easily! The whole film builds toward this ultimate battle between good versus evil and ends up falling flat.

Not only does the Horned King hardly use any magic at all, but he's easily defeated by a simple farm boy?

5. Why didn't Woody remember his old TV show in *Toy Story 2*?

Granted it was a long time ago but that shouldn't explain Woody's memory being completely erased.

Furthermore, logic would dictate that he'd of had different owners in the past, so why can't he recall them at all?

6. If Buzz thinks he's a Space Ranger, why does he hide from Andy's mom like the other toys in *Toy Story*?


Wouldn't he have just started talking right away? Why keep up with the charade at all, Buzz?

Clearly, Woody showed us that toys can talk to people if they so choose, so why then wouldn't Buzz have done this?

7. If Ariel can write, why doesn't she just communicate that way with Eric in *The Little Mermaid*?

It seems so obvious! We know that Ariel can write because she signed her name to Ursula's contract.

So why wouldn't she just simply write "Eric, kiss me or a giant sea witch will make me her slave!"

8. No sane person would ever be OK with caring for *101 Dalmations*.


Do you know how much it would cost to care for 103 dalmations (Don't forget Pongo and Perdita)? The average cost to care for a puppy for one full year is around $2000 USD.

Now multiple that by 103...there's no freaking way.

9. What about Mrs. Potts other children in *Beauty And The Beast*?

There's a scene where Mrs. Potts is putting Chip to bed along with "his other brothers and sisters".

If Chip isn't an only child, then what happened to the rest of the kids once the spell was broken?

10. Shouldn't Charlotte have turned into a frog after kissing Prince Naveen in *Princess And The Frog*?


She was only the Princess of Mardie Gras and the clock had already struck midnight, signaling the end of her 'reign'.

The rules dictate that she should have transformed into a frog.

11. Why is there a portrait of the Beast as an adult in *Beauty And The Beast*?


As the story goes, the Beast has been living like a monster for nearly a decade. But it's important to note that he and Belle are the same age when he transforms back into a human.

If that's the case, shouldn't his portrait have portrayed him as a little boy instead of a grown man?

12. When did *Aladdin* stop being a prince?

After Jafar is vanquished, The Genie tells Aladdin that all he needs to do is say the magic word and he'll turn him back into a prince again.

But the Genie had already turned him into a prince, so why would he need to do it again? Do wishes expire or something?

13. How is it that Jasmine doesn't recognize Aladdin?


It's in the same vein as Clark Kent's Superman disguise: a simple change of clothes.

If Jasmine was in love with Aladdin right from the get-go, wouldn't she have still recognized him in new threads?

14. How on earth would Belle have been able to hoist the Beast onto the back of the horse in *Beauty And The Beast*?


After fighting off the pack of wolves, the Beast falls to the ground bloodied and exhausted. Unable to move, Belle hoists him onto the horse and takes him back to the castle.

Unless Belle has super strength, she wouldn't be able to lift the deadweight of a 300 lbs, seven-foot-tall Beast.