42 Times People Were Dumber Than Rocks

The world is full of intelligent people making amazing discoveries, building new inventions, and crafting incredible new pieces of art that will inspire people for generations.

However, the people on this list are at the other end of the spectrum! So, please enjoy these 15+ times people were dumber than rocks!

"You're stupid..."

Reddit | fogflip

Aside from the obvious horrific grammatical errors, what the hell has that tire got to do with anything that they are trying to convey?

A Picture Of Stupidity

Reddit | Kwasbeb

I can just imagine the face on the waiter when they saw this: nothing but hatred and misery plastered across their face.

"Looks about right..."

Reddit | IllIDANIllI

I'd love to see what happened when they tried to drive off! Although, I'd want to be watching from a safe distance.

"Some people wonder why there are warning labels on everything. This is one example:"

Reddit | need_my_amphetamines

I bet that was one hell of a fun journey home! I can't say that I'd feel comfortable getting in that car after she'd done this.

There Was An Attempt To Enforce The Speed Limit...

Reddit | emilysn0w

In this instance, if you got pulled over, do you reckon you could actually use this idiotic sticker placement as a way to get out of a ticket?

"Can I get a replacement or am I just stupid?"

Reddit | freshbas

I mean, on the plus side, they managed to change their old-fashioned wired mouse into a wireless one!

Trying To Drive Across A Frozen Lake

Reddit | Rgnxsupreme

I wonder whether they even knew they were driving on ice, or whether this fact was something of a shock to them when they crashed through it?

"My friends ordered pizza while they were drinking last night. I don't think they thought this through..."

Reddit | wallywest25

"Can I get two half pepperoni, half margarita pizzas, please?"

"Wait... So do you just want..."

"I said what I said!"

"Ah yes please I would like to make some gas."

Reddit | CatMassacreYT

A lot of people gave their own recipes for making their own gas, and a lot of that included eating beans and drinking lots of milk.

"So my girlfriend didn't want to lose the keys to her lock..."


In my experience, you can normally get through those basic luggage locks with a bobby pin and a knife. Not that I've had to do this a lot before...

"Hospital I'm at is putting cookies on the patient trays for Halloween. I don't think they thought this through."

Reddit | PM_me_MS_point_Codes

"Doctor, am I going to be okay?"

"Let me put it this way... Would you like a cookie?"

"Saving the world from plastic waste!"

Reddit | Wurio

Ah yes, they really have made a great dent in their plastic usage, haven't they?! Also, I never got why adults needed straws anyway. Just tilt the goddamn cup!

That's Not How You Steal Snacks!

Reddit | KarlSuur33

Now, if you type in C2 you can get yourself a somewhat panicky-looking raccoon! You might be better just getting some M&Ms though.

Don't Save A Life!

Reddit | SuperPowerAxe

The message behind this is really lost when all you can see is, "Don't save a life! Be afraid to give blood!"

"I am not a smart man."

Reddit | Dsquared77

This sort of thing is exactly why I never do DIY. I know that I would end up doing something like this and making a right tit out of myself.

So Close!

Reddit | nityamadaan22

Maybe this was how they announced to people that they were splitting up? Either that or it's how they announced that they're boneheads.

"They really should have thought more about the font."

Reddit | OliviaLemon

I dread to think what the "& more" could be referring to when it comes to this store! I think I'll be giving this place a wide berth.

"This Despicable Me balloon isn't very well planned out..."

Reddit | brainflakes

This really is despicable! Why not make that little bit at the bottom the same color as the overalls?! Then it would be at least a little less suggestive!

I Don't Think That Says What they Want It To Say...

Reddit | the747beast

Or, maybe it does? In which case, someone should probably look into these people and make sure they aren't allowed near any pet stores!

"I don't think they thought this through."

Reddit | snarec

I guess that a lot of people who think of themselves as "studs" will be more likely to have STDs, so it covers both possibilities.

Dear God, What Were They Thinking?

Reddit | cmac6

Keep well away from this church. I imagine that their attendance took a bit of a nosedive when they put up this sign.

"How dumb do my parents think I️ am."

Reddit | Nwinter228

I feel like this guy must have done something incredibly stupid in the past to have made them think that such a warning was necessary!

"Just keep pushing bro, it will fit."

Reddit | Cacanot

I bet this guy sucked at those puzzles where you have to put shapes through the corresponding holes as a child.

"Saw this woman getting a better view of the eclipse."

Reddit | Grumpntug

Every little bit helps! But, maybe if she had a few more thousand ladders it might make an actual difference!

"I don't think my mom understands how her rice cooker works."

Reddit | Uedn

I had an aunt who was always doing this with electric kettles, no matter how many times she was told that this wasn't how they worked.

"I've done some stupid things when I first wake up in the morning, but this takes it to a whole new level."

Reddit | masona_jones6

And today's anxiety is brought to you by the idea of actually brushing your teeth with this monstrosity.

Spaghetti Can Be Hard Okay!

Reddit | xTHEMONx

Don't forget the water. That's a somewhat critical part of the process when it comes to cooking pasta!

"People are stupid, horses sleep too..."

Reddit | Zin-Fed

Please excuse me while I go and get this tattooed across my forehead. Then I might be able to get some decent peace and quiet.

"My young niece and I send each other funny cards in the mail sometimes. Her latest one cut me deep."

Reddit | TheToolMan

I was gonna say, this really toes the line of "funny" card but nearly crosses over into bullying territory. At least she's good at identifying her opponents' weaknesses.

"The pillow my mom made me really ties the room together."

Reddit | Kitty-Idaho

As in it has its own gravitational pull and the rest of the pillows are starting to orbit around it.

"Wow, this cat needs to lose some weight."

Reddit | 2manyToys

Or put him to good use. Start benching him and watch as you get ripped, all thanks to crater cat.

"Got super drunk on a cruise last night, woke up to this photo."

Reddit | supercooljoshman

As far as drunk pictures go, you really lucked out. Well shot, all your clothes are on, and it's only embarrassing if you're boring!

"My drunk girlfriend was really upset about losing in 'Connect Four'."

Reddit | caz0

Speaking of drunk photos, this one isn't as great. Not for her appearance or anything, but because at how brutally she lost at Connect Four.

"My grandfather is enjoying Easter this year."

Reddit | Abacazam

I can't believe anyone in this outfit is even incapable of frowning, but I guess that's just how some old men are.

"My husband put the candles too close together."

Reddit | vab0618

What better time to learn fire safety tips than on a child's birthday!

"Does he really need to keep Tabasco sauce that accessible?"

Reddit | averagecrazyliberal

Hey, hot sauce can be a lifesaver in many scenarios. I can't think of any of those scenarios right now, but,'s just true!

"I'm really excited to try this French grocery store that just opened on my block."

Reddit | gpsrx

"Yeah, they kinda flopped on the name, but I swear their baguettes are to die for."

"So we recreated our favourite picture from 8 years and some kgs ago."

Reddit | kareeka007

I'm more surprised the guy on the right kept those shorts all these years. They weren't in style then, but maybe they are now.

"This very passive aggressive license plate I saw today."

Reddit | Arbeter3

Did someone cut you off? Well once they look in that rear view and see your license plate, they'll only feel shame. Hopefully, anyway.

"Told my dad to grab the sunscreen before we hit the beach. Sit down and he hands me this..."

Reddit | Delusions0fGrandeur

Well, on the plus side, you'll be the freshest smelling family at the beach! You'll also be the most burnt family at the beach though.

"Our dog is pushing the limits of our 'not in the kitchen' rule."

Reddit | QuestCeQueSup

She's trying to help you get rid of what looks to be four separate jars of jam. Why do you need that much? Let her have some.

"Told the new guy at work we need a copy of his passport to verify his eligibility to work. This is what we got."

Reddit | tattoopuppy

I think that this action says more about his eligibility to work than the actual passport...