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Carrie Underwood Releasing First Ever Christmas Album This Fall

Carrie Underwood is one of the most iconic voices of our generation. She is also hella cute and inspirational to boot! So isn't it literally BONKAS that she hasn't released a Christmas album yet? I know, right?!

Well, finally the wait is OVER as the country cutie just announced she is debuting her first ever Christmas album this fall!

Carrie Underwood has given us SO many jams. So many bops. So many songs to drunk sing/cry to at the bar!!!!

How can i even big a fav?

"Before He Cheats" is obviously iconic.

"Jesus Take The Wheel" is so quotable.

"Heartbeat" makes me cry!

So when Christmas time comes around, it's so WEIRD to not have a Ms. Underwood album to blast on Spotify!

Instagram | @carrieunderwood

Sure, she recorded a few Christmas singles back in 2007, but no original Christmas content and no full album!


"I realize we’re in the middle of a summer heatwave, but I couldn’t wait to tell you….at long last, my very first Christmas album #MyGift is coming September 25!" she wrote on Insta.

"So much love has gone into this and I cannot wait to share it with you!"

Naturally, fans were so JAZZED about the news! For the record, July is NOT too early to get excited about Christmas music!

I hope there's some classic covers, as well as an original song or two!

Will you be purchasing Carrie's Christmas album?! Let us know in the comments below!

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