10+ Smart Solutions We Would Have Never Thought Of

Some things in life are a bit more difficult to accomplish than others. When this happens, we search our minds for solutions to make things a bit easier on us all. While we're not always the best at everything, some of us come up with quick solutions that are so brilliant and clever, we are left in awe and totally mind-blown.

“He hates water in his ears so we found a solution.”

Reddit l Puppypunting

Every pup hates it when their ears get wet — it's too sensitive for them. But, using a shower cap protects their baby ears and still lets them get all clean and smelling great.

“When you have to wash your hair but your makeup is on point. I’m an innovator.”

Imgur l Cardiomatters

Goggles for swimming are always laying around the house somewhere. This is a purely genius move to protect your makeup when you don't want to smudge it or mess it up in the shower.

“How Canadians use hockey sticks to pay by debit at the drive-through”

Reddit l RenttheJoe

Everyone hates when they are too far away from the drive-thru window, but this makes it easy for everyone to pay for their food and not have to leave the car.

“Crazy sore muscles but no bath tub? Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.”

Reddit l Anna_Banananana

Not all apartments come with bathtubs. Standing showers are great sometimes, but not always. Using a huge storage bin for a hot bath to calm those muscles? Brilliant!

“Moved into my first apartment and realized I lacked adequate furniture.”

Reddit l CitizenFord

If you lack adequate furniture, why not use a kayak to hang around the house and watch TV? If you've ever seen Friends, you'd know that it's not the first time someone attempted this solution.

“Don’t forget your lunch!”

Reddit l GreenWigz

For those who always forget to grab things from the fridge, tying your work bag to your lunch bag will make sure that you never leave the house without your lunch!

“I wasn’t sure if my package was under 16 oz for mailbox use and there were no scales at home.”

Reddit l Pedipalp

Measuring a package is easy with a scale, but not having a scale makes it harder. This person came up with a fantastic and scientific way to get the job done.

“My friend’s son is [5 years old] and this is how he fills a water bottle.”

Reddit l Poonami

Truly, at five years old, this is the best way to fill a water bottle. In all of my years on this earth, I have never seen this ingenious way method but I will be doing it this way from now on.

“Big problems require big solutions.”

Reddit l zoxor

Hilarious, but honestly so relatable, too. I would 100% stay at this place if I drove by and saw this sign. Whoever is on their PR team, I want to shake their hand.

“It was pouring the other day and I didn’t want him to get soaked.”


No one wants to have their dog soaked from the rain, so throwing a sweatshirt on him from the back seat of your car is a great way to keep your pup dry.

“How I fixed my dryer when it stopped working...”

Reddit l Cookieeatshobo

Broken dryer? No problem. Use a hair dryer on high heat and on the highest power setting to get it completely working on your wet clothing.

Brilliant fix.

Reddit l NotPyroma

If you've got a giant scratch in your car that you can't get out, just make it into a work of art. Here we have a brilliant Street Fighter-inspired decal.

Don't want to lose your chameleon? Easy fix.


Chameleons change color to blend in with their environment, which we all know. So, to make sure you don't lose him, why not tie a balloon to him so you can always find him?

No pool? No problem!


This little guy wanted a summer of fun in the pool, so instead of buying one, he totally made one. Use some tools from Home Depot, a tarp, and a hose. Boom! Pool!

If you're missing your side mirrors, make more.


If you've had a bad accident and you can't get your mirror fixed immediately, you can use a compact mirror to help you see. It's smart for a last minute fix, but definitely not a long-term one.

Want to play video games and take a bath? No problem.


While we all know using electronics in the tub can be difficult, this is a pretty ingenious idea. Prop up your phone to your TV and use your iPad on FaceTime to play. Wow.

Baking without a mixer can be hard.


But, if you have a drill and a whisk you can make your own weird, makeshift mixer. Just be careful to use a low setting and not make a hole in your table.

Hang drying clothes in the rain can be rough.


Many people enjoy hang drying their clothing because using the dryer can shrink or ruin them. But, when it's raining, it makes the clothes even more wet. So, using an umbrella can protect everything!

Speakers for your computer, easy and cheap.


Cutting a cup in half can make the same kind of noise as a speaker for a phone or a computer. If you want to make the laptop music extra loud, you can just put the cut cups over the speaker and boom! Speakers!

Need a "hands free" phone call? Grab some headbands.


Not everyone loves speakerphone. Some of us want the same experience of using a phone normally when our hands are busy doing chores like washing the dishes. If you need a quick solution, you can put a headband over your phone and ear and keep it in place.

Sometimes, we need a fork but don't have a fork.


Using a knife and some toothpicks, you can make your own fork in a way that is kind of complicated but that also works. Enjoy your lunch or dinner!

“My brother wanted to measure the trees in his yard. This is how he did it.”

Reddit l Shwnwllms

How can you measure an entire tree when you cannot reach the top? Well, easily— if you use Photoshop. If you can stack yourself on top of yourself (knowing how tall you are), you can pretty much solve the problem.

“My coworker forgot her contact lens case.”

Reddit l eleanor61

Contacts will dry out if they don't get in that solution, so this is a brilliant way to keep them in their "right eyes" and also moist and perfect!