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10+ Behind The Scenes Secrets About DC Movies Fans Didn't Know

There's a lot of movie magic that goes into making a superhero film come to life. But some of the most exciting aspects of an entire production often take place behind the scenes.

Below are 10+ behind the scenes secrets about DC movies that even the most hardcore fans didn't know.

These stories help to provide context, insight, and in many cases - laughter.

1. Jason Mamoa thought that his *Aquaman* costume was distracting.

When asked if there was anything he would have changed about his costume, Jason replied: "I'd probably make the cod-piece a little smaller. It just took away the attention from everything else. You could definitely catch Ben, like, lock on to it."

Oh, Jason - what a kidder!

2. Ray Fisher walked around in pajamas all day long while filming his scenes.

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OK - technically they weren't pajamas. Ray's costume is 100% CGI.

So, unlike some of his co-stars who had to wear heavy clunky costumes, he got to wear a motion-capture suit all day long!

3. Not everything always went according to plan on *Justice League*.

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Zack Snyder shared a featurette consisting of behind the scenes footage and blooper moments.

Without a doubt, one of the most hilarious moments is when Jason Mamoa spins his trident, drops it, then does a hilarious high kick and karate chop.

4. Joaquin Phoenix was given a tremendous amount of creative leeway.

“While some scenes were very planned out, like when he’s in the phonebooth or walking up the stairs, others had no plan at all. When he climbed in the refrigerator, we had no idea he was going to do that," said the film's cinematographer, Lawrence Sher.

5. A member of N'SYNC was almost a part of the DCEU.

You've likely heard the stories of how Bradley Cooper was supposedly the first choice to play Hal Jordan in Green Lantern.

What you may not have known, is that N'SYNC's own Justin Timberlake also screen-tested for the role!

6. Fox was watching Warner Bros.

At the time that Watchmen was made, Warner Bros. didn't actually own all of the rights. Fox had acquired them years prior and rushed to put a block on production.

Director Zack Snyder moved quickly and cranked out the first cut before any legal action could be taken.

7. Natalie Portman really did shave her head in *V For Vendetta*.

During an interview, Natalie was asked if she found the experience to be traumatizing.

"I was so trying to focus, be in character; because we had one shot to do it. I don't really have any personal memories of the experience."

8. The Snyder Cut exists and it's coming to HBO Max next year!

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The Snyder Cut is director Zack Snyder's true vision for Justice League that fans never got to see. According to Zack, the theatrical cut is only about 25% of the film.

The director's cut is rumored to be more than six hours!

9. Will Smith wasn't a fan of Deadshot's mask in *Suicide Squad*.

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One of the biggest complaints about Suicide Squad was how little Deadshot actually wore his classic mask from the comic books.

You can somewhat understand why such a visible A-list celebrity like Will Smith would take issue with covering up his face.

10. Chris O'Donnell and Arnold Schwarzenegger never actually worked together on *Batman And Robin*.

It's ironic, considering how much you see them appear on screen together in the film.

But according to Chris, the two actors never actually worked a single day together. What we see on screen is a combo of camera edits and body doubles.

11. Christopher Reeve worked out with Darth Vader!

The actor who embodied Vader was a man by the name of David Prowse. He recalls training with Reeve for six weeks to get him into shape.

"He was fantastic. He was a very lovely person," Prowse recalled during an interview. "We were like brothers, we got along so well together."

Prowse helped a 6'5 170 lbs Christoper Reeve pack on some serious muscle!

"During the course of the period I had him, I took him from 170 pounds when we started and he was 212 when he went into the suit."

12. They had to CGI Henry Cavill's mustache in *Justice League*.

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While Henry was shooting his Superman scenes, he was also in the process of growing out a mustache for his latest role in the new Mission Impossible film.

Production's CGI solution was absolutely comical.

Things went from bad to worse when Joss Whedon came on board.

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Whedon was brought on to complete the film in the wake of Zack Snyder's family tragedy. Whedon turned Henry into a caricature of his former self.

He accentuated his jaw and chin, smoothed out his face, and even made enhancements to Cavill's nose!

13. Filmmakers used a secret code word to help keep *Joker* a secret.

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The original working title of the film was "Romero". This is a clever allusion to Caesar Romero, who played the Joker in the 1960s live-action TV series.