Quotes For When You're Just Extra AF

Admit it: everyone gets a little overdramatic sometimes, even you.

I'm not talking about being upset over something that's actually terrible or whatever, but the times when the reaction is completely out of proportion with the event that inspired it.

Maybe it's stress, or hormones, or you're just plain having A Day, but we've all done it to varying degrees.

Then there are the people who have to be extra about everything.

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You know the ones. I'm willing to bet that as soon as I said something, a specific name popped into your mind.

I have a person in my life who is just like that too.

Seriously, though, I love the girl, but one more late-night text rant from her may kill me.

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Can we all just agree that if a person has to scroll to read one entire text message, then it should be an actual phone call?

And if you're not willing to make it a call, then it's not important enough to bother ranting about?


Seriously, why do I need to know what so-and-so said to what's-his-face when I barely know them and wasn't invited to (or interested in) the event it happened at?

I get the need to vent sometimes, but there's a limit and it's about when my finger would be required to scroll up on the wall of text you've sent me.

Still, I know I've probably done it myself once or twice.

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Sometimes your emotional reaction just happens faster than your rational one, and that's okay.

As long as you don't do it all the damn time and admit when you've done so, then it's good.

If everyone except you is somehow always to blame, though? Maybe take a second look in the mirror.

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