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Artist Reimagines What Disney Princesses Would Look Like With More Realistic Proportions

I think it's safe to say the majority of people know Disney princesses aren't realistically accurate. While it's not to say Disney hasn't improved in any way, one artist's Disney princess upgrades sure shows us how different they look from real life.

Holly Fae is a talented artist who displays her colorful, fantastical illustrations of mermaids, faeries, and custom portraits on her Instagram page.

Recently, she's challenged her art skills in a completely new way.

One day, Holly was just lying in her bed, bored, and and fooled around with *Frozen*'s Elsa, seeing what she might look like with more realistic proportions.

After going viral, her TikTok inspired a whole series of realistic Disney princess portraits.

Here's where it all started.

Instagram | @hollyfae_art

Many Disney princesses' eyes are enlarged to make them look like babies, which makes them seem more innocent and vulnerable, aka approachable and inviting.

Yeah, there's even science behind that claim.

Of course, you can't have Elsa without Anna!

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Do they look more like sisters now?

The difference with Moana here is subtle, but the changes make a big difference.

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Her eyes are a bit smaller, her hair is a bit thicker, and her shoulders are a bit wider — can you tell?

Belle's might be the most dramatic transformation.

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I'm not sure anyone's head could be supported with a neck like hers on the left!

Her version of Jasmine actually looks more like the original cartoon from 1992!

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All she had to really change was her eyes, cheekbones, and shoulders.

Here's Merida from *Brave*.

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It's really not difficult to keep scrolling through these and see who she transforms next, huh?

She doesn't leave the men out of her transformations, either!

Instagram | @hollyfae_art

This is Flynn Rider from Tangled, and he somehow looks the same, but different.

Of course, Flynn wouldn't exist without Rapunzel.

Instagram | @hollyfae_art

They would definitely be a celebrity couple featured on the cover of Vogue!

Ariel has Lana Del Rey vibes here, no?

Instagram | @hollyfae_art

All she needs is a floral crown, or maybe one made of seashells!

Vanellope went from toddler to teenager real quick.

Instagram | @hollyfae_art

It seems like Holly's remixes support The Atlantic's point in the article above — with more realistic proportions, these Disney characters age in an instant.

Be sure to check out Holly's [Instagram page for more of her fantastical art and her TikTok to see her artistic process in more depth.

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