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You Can Get A Spooky Cool Skull Candle That 'Bleeds' As It Melts

Spooky season is sneaking up on us, friends, and each year, we bite our nails in excitement and anticipation for all the new Halloween arrivals in stores.

Well, there's one cool, spooky product that I don't think your ordinary retail store will carry, but it's a must-have for those who like edgier Halloween decor.

If you're gonna do Halloween decor right, you have to have some skulls in there.

Etsy | TheGrotesquerieShop

And if you really want to impress, then check out this "bleeding" skull candle from Etsy seller The Grotesquerie Shop.

The skull looks pretty cool and spooky on its own, but once it begins to melt, the skull begins to "bleed."

Etsy | TheGrotesquerieShop

While this would normally freak some people out, you have to admit, it's pretty amazing how the black wax turns red somehow!

The candles are actually quite small, measuring around 2.5 inches tall, so they make for great accents around the home.

Etsy | TheGrotesquerieShop

Halloween is a great excuse to light these, but there's nothing stopping you from keeping them out all year long.

If you need these in your life this Halloween, you can order them for $30 per candle.

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