15+ Moments That Made Us Go ‘I Don’t Know What To Believe’

Sometimes you will see something that can cause you to do a double-take, and can even cause you to rethink your entire reality! However, more often than not it'll just give you a bit of a giggle.

So, with that idea in mind, please enjoy these 15+ moments that made us go, "I don't know what to believe!"

"I believe I have created the perfect mask."

Reddit | jdsamford

It is actually so seamless it took me an embarrassing amount of time to realize that it was Macaulay Culkin's face.

"My grandma doesn't believe I am who I say I am..."

Reddit | Higgles7

I can just hear her handing it to him and saying, "Here you go 'Christopher,' if that is your real name..."

The Only Bible I Believe In!

Reddit | squerol

This version of the Bible is really much more exciting. I mean, just look at that cover! Who wants loaves and fishes when you can have lasers and unicorns?!

"A discount yet full price."

Reddit | lolcatman

They saw you coming a mile off. I like how most cheap sandwiches are pretty sketchy but this one just takes it to a whole new level. They're not even trying to hide the fact that they're scamming you!

"Parking fee just gotten real."

Reddit | KiKenTai

I expect this kind of philosophical thought from an existential essay, but not from a god damn multi-story car park!

"Mother knew I wanted a Roomba but didn't want to waste so much money on one. She found one for a bargain! Note, it has zero vacuuming ability."

Reddit | edgeofruin

Apparently, it just kept driving into corners and then would "freak out." I like the image I've got of this stupid thing bumping into a corner furiously and whistling and beeping like crazy.

"Measure twice and cut once! But... wait!"

Reddit | Canaris1

I wonder how many things they had measured wrong that day as a result of this cock-up? I hope to Christ they figured out which one was right early on in the day!

"Had to have the vet shave my cat to treat a skin issue, and he looked so fake no one believed these photos were real."

Reddit | PyrateHooker

I'm still struggling to believe that he isn't a very well done Photoshop job! Someone should absolutely be photoshopping this unsettling cat into various historical pictures.

"I was arrested at a protest Wednesday. The trooper asked me what was in my pockets. He didn't believe me."

Reddit | flamingboard

Well, I hope the officer let this guy off, them's the rules after all. However, apparently when he saw the card, "He laughed. Then he tightened the zip cuffs a couple more notches. I still have red marks."

"Made my best friend believe my son's christening party was a costume party..."

Reddit | bravobracus

Apparently, in case you couldn't gather from the pictures, their partner was less than pleased about the trick! She looks like she wants to get out of there as quickly as possible.

The Old "Fake Cop" Routine!

Reddit | JosefinaCrane

Look, I don't want to make the person who painted this feel bad, but wouldn't you think they'd have tried to make it look a little more realistic? Maybe use a picture instead?

"I believe we have an office thief... damn."

Reddit | chrishatcher1

I think that this is one of those new zero-calorie Red Bulls. They really don't taste like much but there's no sugar, fat, caffeine, or anything in it really.

"Kids swore they didn't knock over the chocolate powder. Almost didn't believe them til I turned around to see this... She even has powder on her nose."

Reddit | Anaria32

I mean, she does look incredibly suspicious! I also love how there is a Mr. Potato Head hidden at the bottom of their food shelves for some reason?

"I live in Brighton and this was recently posted on the 'Cats of Hanover' Facebook group."

Reddit | deathbygamez

Can you imagine how insane you would think that you were, missing that many pairs of underpants and socks? You wouldn't look much saner when you explained to people, "It's okay, the underpants cat burglar had them!"

"My mom said that a monkey was sitting outside her window and kept licking it. I found it hard to believe. She then sent me this gem."

Reddit | Scharfestahl

Well, I mean, that is somewhat definitive proof that there is indeed a monkey sitting outside, licking her window!

"Wanna sing Don't Stop Believing at the karaoke bar? It'll cost you..."

Reddit | chhill2

I don't know why people like to go to karaoke bars. I genuinely can't think of a worse environment to be in. Just tone-deaf people singing crap tunes... Makes me shudder.

"Even cloud paintings block the sun!"

Reddit | anoobsearcher

But...what if all clouds are just paintings being hung in the sky by someone? Makes you think, doesn't it? Well, it doesn't but whatever.

"Chia pet: Expectation Vs. Reality."

Reddit | dr3amwalker

I have never known one of these things to actually work! And, quite frankly, I don't know why you'd want one if they even did?

"Perception vs Reality."

Reddit | SoDakZak

This is the sad reality of student living. Just hoarding free samples from wherever you can get them to get any form of a buzz. I had a really rough experience as a student.

"Someone made a fake coupon for dunkin donuts."

Reddit | dewarool

But...why? Was this done to just mess with teachers? In fairness, I can imagine this being a real disappointment to any teacher who thought they were getting a free coffee.

"Whats the point of photoshopping a Starbucks logo on your cup just for instagram...?"

Reddit | joanoa

Christ, there truly is nothing real on Instagram any more, is there? Also, is Starbucks really that big of a status symbol? It's pretty cheap and crap in my experience.

"I believe I've done my good deed for the day."

Reddit | 060sec

But, they will already have rented the movie at this point, won't they? Also, how is Mall Cop 2 a bad film after the first one was such a rip-roaring success?!

"There's always a believer."

Reddit | Xyeeyx

Somewhere nearby there is a guy with a very clean key, but with very spikey and smoking hair.

"I made up some fake events for my local library."

Reddit | obviousplant

So, if you're looking for your chance to whale on some nerds in a more official and organized manner, then come on down!

"Fake it 'til ya make it!"

Reddit | OyVeyzMeir

Now this is how you pretend to be living the high life! That girl who was photoshopping a Starbucks logo on her cup should be taking notes!

"I have some fake moustaches and a white husky."

Reddit | griffonhaus

Nope, I refuse to believe that this is fake. I want to live in a world where a white husky can have such dramatic eyebrows, and that's my choice!

"Can't trust anyone these days..."

Reddit | BubbleBoyB

This might be the leg of an errant sailor that they have lured into their trap hanging forlornly out of the window. You never know!

"The existential crisis is real."

Reddit | Auggernaut88

Looks like that cat has been reading a bit too much Camus. This cat will never be the same again after this. You'll come back to find it wearing a black beret and smoking a cigarette.

"My car thinks the drive thru attendant is a cone."

Reddit | BinaryShrubs

Cone, human, either way you shouldn't hit it so the warning is justified.

"This cat thinks she's human."

Reddit | Mugglemad32

If she were really a human, she'd find a way to rock it herself. No free labor.

"I didn't believe my friend when she said her sister's friend bought an ostrich, so we asked for pics."

Reddit | DarkTribalCow

It doesn't look like it believes it either. Like, "Wait, you could do that? I just belong to you now? What?"

"This guy runs a roadside produce stand near me in Texas."

Reddit | 5_Frog_Margin

I don't know about you, but my favorite fruit to have in the summer is a nice, juicy peech.

"He believes that he is a pug too."

Reddit | janderson966

Stocky, wrinkly, has rolls, bad breathing... Sounds like a pug to me!

"The word you're looking for is 'aquarium'."

Reddit | highhhhclimber

That, or this is a zoo where all the animals are liquid! Wait, that's just frightening.

"My friend's mom is an elementary school teacher. One of her students told her that he brought his cat to school, but she didn't believe him until he opened his backpack."

Reddit | mrfarenheit94

That cat does not look happy to be there, but on the bright side he'll be able to practice his multiplication tables.

"My friend didn't show up for college today. We sent him a text, and he said he got chased up into a tree by a cow. He was stuck there for a few hours."

Reddit | orangetubehead

I see a red glint in that cow's eye. He's gotta be pure evil. No wonder your friend hid for so long.

"This table was wooden before the discount."

Reddit | WarByte

Would that make the move from wood to glass a downgrade or an upgrade?

"Birds Aren't Real!"

Reddit | LittleBastard

I've been saying this for years! And to think that people called me mad for believing something stupid...and, in fairness, I am.

"So that's what kids are eating these days."

Reddit | mickewan

Remember, never eat raw candle wax. Always cook it. You could get salmonella.

"Seen on the way to work. Guy on his Harley wearing fake tattoo sleeves."

Reddit | xstormtroopax

I think that might be just a tad too tight there, my man. How would you ever leave the house with that thing on your arm and think that it genuinely looks good?