13+ Times We Found Funny In The Weirdest Places

In this strange world of ours, you can often find funny things in places that you really wouldn't expect, from traumatic childhood memories and depressing Amazon reviews, to graveyards and hospitals!

So, with this in mind, please enjoy these 13+ times we found funny in the weirdest places!

"So this is how much my family loves me..."

Reddit | iiixxxxx

I can absolutely see my dad having done this to me as a baby. I'm sure there will be a lot of parents out there getting heart palpitations just looking at this.

"An honest giveaway!"

Reddit | LeeOCD

I can resonate with the person who put this piece of gym equipment out to pasture. I have a treadmill that has been gathering dust in my parents' shed for many years now.

Best Amazon Review Ever

Reddit | GentleBreeze96

Just because something is good at motivation, doesn't mean it has to motivate in a positive way!

"My grandfather discovered time travel. RIP."

Reddit | smtreger

Fortunately, the uploader said that their grandfather would have loved the mistake... Well, unless he actually did discover time travel and everyone assumes it is a joke. That would be quite annoying!

"Outside the local pub!"

Reddit | crazyunicorntamer

This is surprisingly cute, and I don't think that I've ever laughed so much at something so utterly daft before. It's the perfect combination of nerd joke and just plain stupid.

"Recent ultrasound result looks good."

Reddit | meancloth

They're clearly giving birth to the coolest baby on the planet! It'll probably come out in a leather jacket with slicked back hair.

"Cut a hole in the back of the tv stand for wires. Someone's hiding spot was discovered."

Reddit | renegade3394

They look completely miffed at you for uncovering their secret lair. Who knew simply cutting a hole in a TV stand could reveal such secrets!

The Latest In Speed Deterrent Technology

Reddit | JosefinaCrane

As fake as this looks up close and from the side, I can actually see this tricking a few people! I'd probably slow down if I glanced at it!

"Sneak 100."

Reddit | kunj1

Based on how angry that cat looks just for taking a picture of it, I dread to think of how angry it would have been if they'd kicked it by accident.

"Saw this monstrosity/legend in a hospital car park in the UK."

Reddit | Gj404

I can kind of admire this person's commitment to this truly hideous design, but I am dreading to think what would happen to this in the rain!

"Ruins bar in Budapest. Should be in every hospitality establishment."

Reddit | FrumpyMushro0m

"Unpredictably" is one word for it. Don't be dicks to service employees, folks. It's not cool, it doesn't make you hard, you're just a tit.

"Electronic hospital billboard in my town publishes new baby names. Drivers called the hospital thinking 'Ya'Hansum Guy' was a prank... it wasn't."

Reddit | bluemexico

Good God, can you imagine having that name? I'd be down to the courthouse to have that changed as soon as I could. Wouldn't you?

"My university is on the grounds of an old mental hospital. On closer inspection... Photobombing mental patient!"

Reddit | jessiheald2k6

The original photobomb! If you know of any even earlier examples of photobombing, then let me know in the comments!

"My friend's dad built a cat condo, but it attracted a strange looking cat..."

Reddit | lawlipops

I always hate it when a nightmare neighbor moves into your building! Hopefully, the landlord will do something about this pesky neighbor.

"My dog weirded out by another dog at the park."

Reddit | sthishandletaken

This dog has the face of every kid who has been told to play with the weird kid in class by their parents.

"My wife thinks she funny. Had my vasectomy today."

Reddit | slim-chicken

I'm not sure if I'd be too pleased to get these after such a delicate operation. Although, the "snip snip hooray!!" one did make me chuckle, I must confess.

"This store is targeted at teachers."

Reddit | JeffCentaur

I know from experience that anyone who works with kids will be getting a bottle for the end of the day. Although, that may just be me, I really wasn't cut out for that line of work!

"My brother got stuck on a swing so I put the hose underneath him like a good brother would."

Reddit | russian-florida-man

I don't know how they managed to get themselves stuck like this, but I can hear the screaming through this image.

"I thought she was wearing a black dress and hands on her hips."

Reddit | Lannart

I refuse to believe that she isn't actually a sassy tiny person with a huge head. I want to live in this fantasy world so leave me to it!

"Found this handiwork in the local hospital bathroom."

Reddit | RandenVanguard

"Hi, do you work here? I've got a question about one of the signs you've got in the bathroom and..."

"Sorry, sir, let me just stop you right there. Is that poop in your hand?"

"Well, if you'd let me finish..."

"My 4 y/o made me breakfast in bed."

Reddit | DudeManBroGuyPerson

This person did go on to inform people that the small glass was actually filled with apple juice and was sadly not a shot of morning whiskey!

"Wife sent this after picking up our dog after surgery today. Says he's 'still under the influence'."

Reddit | schmerbert

Whatever that dog is on, I need some! He looks like he is experiencing things that he has never felt before in his life!

"Working in someone's house wondering why the cat was staring at me. Ten minutes later noticed it was a bag of food."

Reddit | dandaman1977

I'd have been more likely to wonder why they were keeping their cat in the bin if I'm being honest!

"Strange bird looks like a dog."

Reddit | Codexlibero

You really don't want one of these birds to poop on your car hood as that'll really take some cleaning!

"Terrible sticker placement!"

Reddit | Matthew1916

This is meant to be a kid-friendly snack! You'd think that they'd have put a little more consideration into this horrifically inappropriate sticker placement!

"This flight goes nowhere near Disney World."

Reddit | SuperCub

And? If he wants to wear incredibly tight, bright pink Minnie Mouse leggings, then don't judge him!

"When my unborn child eventually asks if I want to play a game, I'm unsure what I'll say."

Reddit | dirtybeats9

If the other ultrasound showed the coolest baby on the planet, then this one absolutely shows the most terrifying baby on the planet.

"Where do you see yourself in 50 years?"

Reddit | _artbreaker

This seems like an unnecessarily convoluted way to feed wildlife, but I absolutely love it. She is a pioneer of human-squirrel relations.

"I'm not a giant, I'm just installing new flooring at a pre-school."

Reddit | giceman715

Right, you're "not a giant." Keep trying to convince us. We know the truth.

"My 10-year-old son wanted me to share with all of you the suit of armor he’s been constructing."

Reddit | Squachee

It's looking pretty solid so far. He might have to cut some of that chest piece back for aerodynamics, but he could survive a battle easily in this.

"Found in my son's backpack. Solid business model."

Reddit | dentiteoz

I mean, yeah, this is kind of how all businesses work in a sense. Parental permission is definitely the most important step.

"I cleaned the closet and discovered my roommate's strange collection. You wouldn't believe how nervous the dog was."

Reddit | RepostFromAYearAgo

I would believe it, actually. Look at his face back there! He thinks this is the apocalypse!

"My daughter found a dead squirrel and was super excited."

Reddit | dawndollygolden

I'm very glad your first instinct as a parent was to take a picture instead of saying "please don't touch dead squirrels." I mean it, genuinely glad. That face is priceless.

"My wife found this in a parenting book, we have toddler triplets."

Reddit | MikeAllTogether

At least it's not...quadruplets? And if you have quadruplets, at least it's not quintuplets? Increase exponentially.

"They think they can live in our houses for free?"

Reddit | Yinox

Yeah, it's about time we teach them some valuable life skills. Some ways to thank us for our care. Cats should give back!

"Save the raccoons!"

Reddit | tjb4107

Going after the people dropping butts is the first step, but the second is finding out who keeps giving the raccoons all these damn lighters!

"A sushi restaurant didn't leave a pen, so we used chopsticks and soy sauce."

Reddit | ry5431

I can't write neatly with a regular pen, and here's this person showing up everyone with their chopstick/soy sauce penmanship.

"Wife said, 'we're taking (our son) to an epic playground.' I forgot the part where she said it was at a church."

Reddit | GavinWakeUpCall

Apparently they turned it inside out, which is a coward's move! Have the courage of your convictions!

"I think I’ll stop going through my old baby photos now."

Reddit | bayouth

I can't tell what event this is supposed to be. Surely this isn't a child's birthday party with this clown. At least, I hope it's not.

"Strange place to have a birthday party..."

Reddit | ericlolomg

I don't know what kind of birthday party you would have in a urinal, and if I'm honest, I don't want to know!