Quotes For All The Awesome Moms Out There

There are certain stereotypes about moms vs. dads that are often very reductive, but culturally there are feelings and actions we associate as being "mom-like" and ones that just feel more "dad-like."

Maybe one day we'll reach an equilibrium where all of these associations are just about "parents" in general, regardless of perceived role or gender. For now though, let's take a moment to appreciate the parents who take on the mom-like role in their family.

Because moms are great.

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There is a squishy, comforting feeling to having your mom around. This innate knowledge that things are being taken care of and you're safe.

It's that ineffable feeling that makes you long for your mom in times of stress.

Even though every mom is unique, that underlying truism is hard to shake.


Each mom is fumbling through the craziness of parenthood, always in need of at least one extra limb or set of eyes to keep things in control. Often, they fail and feel horrible for it.

The thing is, 99.99% of the time, the kids don't remember the failures.

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If a mom burns dinner because she was trying to also pack tomorrow's lunches while making sure the toddler doesn't hurt themselves, she may feel like a horrible mom.

But what her kids remember is mom trying her best and the tasty pizza that was ordered as a replacement.

Society and modern culture expect so much from moms.

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From themed birthday parties, to Pinterest-worthy homes, to healthy lunches fit for Instagram, it puts so much pressure where it doesn't need to be.

Because the only expectation moms should be under is that they love their kids and do their best to keep them healthy and safe. That's what the kids will remember most.