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10+ Chic Furniture Pieces That Are Also Affordable

Listen up, y'all: we are far past compromising style for price. We don't need to do it anymore! It's done. Finished. Over and cancelled.

Budget-friendly furniture is a happy reality these days, especially online. You can get really stylish, gorgeous pieces of furniture for prices that won't make you want to throw up. Let's check out some of my faves, shall we?

This gold lamp is the epitome of cute.


I love an exposed bulb paired with a gold base — it's the perfect mix of industrial and glam. This lamp is available from Amazon for $30.99. Don't mind me while I add this to my cart.

I fully recommend this hairpin-legged desk.


Because I own it! Those cubbies are super deep and easily store a lot of documents. It's super easy to hide cables behind them, too! Get it from Target for $70.

You can't beat the price of this bed frame.


For $99, you get a sturdy pine bed frame with slats to go under your mattress. I mean...can you get better than that? Not at Ikea, because this is the cheapest frame there. I know, I checked.

Get a full here.

This nightstand is a great way to add color to a monochromatic room.


So, here's my case for you getting this nightstand: it's cute, it's blue, and it's only $20. If you get tired of it, you can either paint it a new color, or donate it and not feel bad about it! See? Genius.

A large, round mirror that doesn't break the bank? Revolutionary.


Thank god for Ikea. Large, round mirrors are hard to find at a reasonable price. We're talking under three digits, for the record.

Theirs retails for $50, which is a very good price for a mirror that size (31.5 inches).

This midcentury couch has a midcentury price.


Get it? Because modern prices are outrageously expensive? I'll be here all week.

This gorgeous couch is available in eight different colors and is currently on sale for $283.86 from Walmart.

Opt for smaller mirrors instead of one large one.


Alright, so $50 is too much for a round mirror. I get it. Instead, let's do something different! How about some fun smaller ones in different shapes, like these Ikea ones for $12.99?

This metal-accented media unit is super in right now.

Big Lots

Chunky metal legs are the staple of a gorgeous, industrial-inspired piece. This unit fits the bill, and almost gives me a midcentury modern vibe. Get it from Big Lots for $129.99! Beat that price, I dare you.

This wall hook is to die for.

Urban Outfitters

Look how gorgeous it is! Hammered gold metal in the shape of moon phases? You can't get trendier than that, tbh. Get it from Urban Outfitters for $29.

This armchair deserves your butt in it.

Good quality, stylish, cheap: pick two. OH WAIT. You don't have to, because I'm here for you.

At $150, it's a bit more than some of my other picks, but it's a good investment for that size of chair. Remember: we want all three options I listed.

Shelving does not have to be boring.

Urban Outfitters

Boring shelving is cheap — and no shade to it, because I have boring shelving! Some of it is meant to blend in. But what about cool shelving? This cool half-circle wall shelf is $24 from Urban Outfitters.

Up your curtain game.


If you don't have curtain game, I'm so sorry, sweetie. I'll fix that for you. These light, airy curtains are available for $12 from Ikea.

If you want heavier curtains, there are velvet ones for $60. Up to you, boo.

I'm kind of obsessed with this storage ottoman.


First of all, it has a gold base. I think we can all agree that's a huge selling point. Second, it's velvet. Third, it has an art deco-like pattern on it! What's not to love? Get it from Amazon for $35.89.

This chic little bookcase is industrial af.


And it's cute. It has a metal frame and particle board shelves with a wood-like finish. It'll blend in beautifully to any room with a slight industrial or farmhouse vibe. Get it from Amazon for $55.79.