10+ Cute DIYs Made From Things Found In The Recycling Bin

Guys, it’s time to take the phase “trash to treasure” to a whole new level.

From turning pop cans into lights to fashioning jewelry holders from paper towel rolls, these DIYs are as easy as they are pretty. I mean, you could fully fool your friends and family into thinking they’re not all made of actual garbage.

So, let’s get into some of these DIYs, shall we?

Make string lights out of tin cans!

Craft Your Happiness

I mean, you could recycle your cans. Or you could paint them up, cut them, and turn them into pretty string lights using this tutorial. Up to you though, boo.

Use plastic bottles as concrete molds.

DIY Candy

How cool is this? You can fill old plastic bottles with concrete and use them to make candle holders! Find out how to do it for yourself here.

Make pop art pen cup holders.

Young House Love

Um, I kind of want to do this. After you're done with your soup, empty it out and follow these steps to make them into pencil cups. The cans used here are limited edition, FYI.

Slap some gold on it.

Pillar Box Blue

Listen, these may not be for everyone, but these are totally for me. I love them more than anything. All this requires is a hammer, tin cans, and some gold spray paint.

Make this AMAZING light.

Aunt Peaches

This bottle light cost $3 to make. It might cost you a little more if you want to buy a pendant light kit, but that'll only bump the cost up to $13. Follow the instructions here for it.

Give your jewelry a new home with paper towel rolls.

Blah to TADA!

Would you believe that those are paper towel rolls? They're covered in felt and they look so chic. These ones are used to display jewelry at craft fairs!

Turn a paint can into an ice bucket.

Hey Let's Make Stuff

I've always wondered what to do with old paint cans. It seems like such a waste to have to get rid of them! Instead, turn them into a cute af ice bucket. I mean, why not?

Finally, those cinder blocks can stop sitting around in your yard.

Design Improvised

How cute is this? I love that you can customize it to totally suit your style. The orange actually looks great, and it totally pops against the green of the plant. Check it out here.

Light up your patio with some tin can luminaries.

Consumer Crafts

How cute are these? I love the ombré paint with the holes — it looks like a galaxy! You can even turn them into hanging luminaries, if you want. Learn how here.

Oh, this wall art? It's made of pop cans.

Purple Hues and Me

Honestly, I am LIVING for that gold. This is a craft you'll have to be careful with, since cut aluminum is sharp. However, if you want to do it, the results are stunning.

Make a hanging planter from a glass bottle.

Poppy Talk

Air plants really will put up with anything, won't they? You're going to need a glass drill bit for this one, but trust me — this is so going to be worth it.

This sunburst mirror is made of paint stirring sticks.

Decorating Cents

Seriously! How crazy is that? All you need are the free paint stir sticks from Home Depot and a small circular mirror to bring this DIY to life. Learn how here.

Make planters out of wine stoppers.

Instagram | @stayinalivesucculents

They're small, they're cork, and they are frickin' adorable. Hold on to your wine stoppers and pick up some plants and magnets, then follow this tutorial to make your own tiny planters!

Turn unexpected cardboard into shelving.

A Kailo Chic Life

Everything up there? It's cardboard. Whether it's a toilet paper tube, a paper towel roll tube, or even shipping tubes, you can totally turn cardboard into something cute af. Check out A Kailo Chic Life for more.