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Nestlé Is Launching Funfetti Morsels That Will Absolutely Be Eaten Straight Out Of The Bag

We could all use a little more reason to have some fun these days, don't you think?

And since people have been doing a whole lot more baking since the pandemic started, Nestlé Toll House is releasing Funfetti baking morsels that taste like vanilla cake to really make your baked goods pop with delight and bring a smile to our faces.

Funfetti is an absolute classic flavor in the baking world, so it was about time that they came out with their own baking morsels, don't you think?

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Like the classic baking mix, the Funfetti morsels are vanilla cake-flavored and filled with tiny rainbow Funfetti sprinkles.

Add them to cookies or just eat them out of the bag like I'm going to do.

Nestlé Toll House

-insert shrugging emoji here-

The new Funfetti morsels will be available at national and select major grocery chains starting this August, and will cost around $3.20 per bag.

Definitely keep your eyes peeled!