An Artist Drew Adorable Pics Of Disney Princesses Keeping Busy In Quarantine

It's been nearly one hundred and thirty days since the outbreak of COVID-19. Thankfully, many of us have slowly learned how to adapt to this "new normal" but it hasn't been easy. Not for anyone.

Not even for our favorite Disney Princesses, as displayed through the brilliant artwork of The Covid Art Museum.

If you, like me, have at one point ever wondered "how would a Disney Princess deal with this?" now's your chance to find out!

These past few months have brought about some incredible change.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 began, all of us have had to make incredible adjustments in our lives.

This new idea of "normal", as they're calling it, is really anything but.

Quarantining and self-isolating, while necessary, isn't always the easiest thing to do.

I'm not going to lie, the first couple weeks spent watching Netflix and Disney Plus felt like a dream.

But slowly that dream has become a living nightmare!

It isn't just normal everyday people who are suffering, either.

Instagram | @covidartmuseum

It's far worse! In fact, some of our favorite Disney Princesses are beginning to feel the walls move inward.

Thanks to the brilliant artwork of @covidartmuseum, we're seeing how it feels on the other side of the TV screen.

So if you've ever thought to yourself "I wonder how the Disney Princesses would handle COVID-19?" Here's your chance to find out!

In the end, they're a lot more like us than you might've thought.

Some are calm, cool, crazy, and everything in between!

Before quarantine, Ariel owned the ocean. She was as free as anyone could ever be.


I personally don't understand why Ariel would ever want to be a part of our world?

Not when you have the entirety of the seven seas at your disposal.

After quarantine, however, Ariel's domain has drastically shrunk. She's the literal definition of a fish out of water

Instagram | @covidartmuseum

I think we all can relate to Ariel on this one.

I know I've certainly felt like a goldfish swimming from one end of the bowl to the other on my worst days.

Before quarantine, you could find Mulan leading the charge. She's always been a fierce warrior with an impenetrable spirit.


You can't keep her down!

Mulan is always the first one out the door and the last one off the field. Her lust for life is unmatched.

After quarantine, the Huns stopped coming. Mulan needed to find a way to transfer that excess energy into something positive.

Instagram | @covidartmuseum

What better way to do that than a dedicated workout regime! I can't tell if Mulan is using the water bottle as weights while she's squatting or if she's just really dehydrated?

What do you think?

Before quarantine, nothing was more important to Pocahontas than her family.


Pocahontas would always visit with Grandmother Willow. When COVID-19 hit, she knew that something had to be done to keep their bond strong!

Her solution is truly years ahead of its time.

After quarantine, Pocahontas made sure that she stayed connected by giving her grandmother a crash-course in Zoom!

Instagram | @covidartmuseum

This is dedication. I can tell you from experience that having a Zoom call with anyone over the age of sixty has its own inherent challenges.

I can't imagine explaining the concept to someone who has a few millennia under her belt.

As you can see, the Disney Princesses for the most part have handled things well. But there are, of course, always exceptions to the rule.

Thankfully, they're the outliers in this scenario.

I warn you, however, that what you're about to see isn't pretty...

Take Princess Aurora, for example. Before quarantine, she loved being outside in the wilderness.


Once upon a dream, Aurora was a true woman of the woods.

She'd often spend hours picking flowers, wild berries, and singing songs with her woodland friends!

Things have taken a dark turn since self-isolation began. She hasn't moved from this spot in three days.

Instagram | @covidartmuseum

I'm choosing to believe that those crumpled tissues are from crying, as opposed to her blowing her snotty nose.

You're better than this Aurora! Get up!

Much the same can be said about Snow White. Before quarantine, she found joy in the little things.


Snow White, like Aurora, had a soft spot for cute cuddly creatures. But when the quarantine began, her demeanor took a nasty turn for the worse.

Nowadays, she's hardly recognizable...

She's also developed a nasty baking compulsion. It's bordering on an addiction and the Dwarfs may have to call an intervention!

Instagram | @covidartmuseum

This is not the face of a mentally stable person. Just look at those eyes: they're practically menacing! Given Snow White's history with poison apples, I'm suspicious, to say the least.

What Disney Princess do you identify with the most? Leave a comment and let us know!

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