10+ Easy Tips To Get Your Home In Order

Guys, it's time to get your stuff together.

It's been a weird year. Things are happening way too quickly and way too stressfully. And if you're like me, your house has totally suffered the consequences of all of that.

Well, never fear. These organization tips, hacks, and DIYs will help all of us get our butts in gear and our homes in order. Let's do this.

Store and label your dried goods.

It's the easiest way to keep all of your food organized, as well as in easy reach. It seems like a lot of work, but it isn't! It's just the setup that will take some time.

Fill out weird spaces with dividers.

If you have large shelves in your closet and need a bit more compartmentalization, try some acrylic dividers! They're stylish and they'll help you sort your graphic tees from your regular tees.

Don't bother hyper-organizing your fridge.

Lots of Instagram bloggers (and even me) thought that meticulously organizing food into bins would keep things organized in the fridge. And while it did, it sure cut down on efficiency when cooking! Instead, create your own sorting system and stick to it.

Carts are a great way to get art and craft supplies in order.

Seriously. I have one, and it's so handy! You can roll it around to wherever you want to work, and it's easy to keep organized. I couldn't recommend this more.

Mount shelves up high for unexpected decor moments.

Not only does it create extra storage for you, it's the perfect place to put more delicate items and plants. I'd recommend faux ones if you can't reach those shelves on a regular basis.

Start fresh.

Take everything out of a room and gather your furniture together. Get an idea of your space and how you use it. Then, try reconfiguring your furniture in a new, fresh way.

Get planning.

A well-thought out plan and organization system can seriously save you so much time. I use a bullet journal to keep track of my finances and daily tasks!

Organize the black hole under your sink.

We all know how chaotic is under there, let's not lie. So, pick up some baskets and bins and let's get all of those cleaning supplies sorted, shall we?

Get cans organized.

Listen, fridge organizers might make life difficult, but these? These are life savers. They help cut down on the amount of space in your fridge, and the new cans pop out easily.

Under shelf organizers are gonna be your secret weapon.

They're the perfect way to sneak in some extra storage with zero effort. Slide them in cabinets or under desks and use them to keep random things that don't stack well on surfaces.

Little risers are a great way to cheat storage.

It basically doubles the amount of storage you have. These are especially great inside cupboards, where you often have a lot of height that gets wasted!

Become a calendar person.

I mean, why not? And the calendar doesn't have to be ugly, either — acrylic calendars are SO trendy and so chic.

Pop some of these bad boys in a drawer.

Instagram | @apetitemama0

They're adjustable dividers for your drawers, and they're going to change your kitchen game forever. Slide them in drawers and watch all the clutter from various utensils line up perfectly.

Store water bottles creatively.

Since water bottles, reusable tumblers, and coffee mugs are all the rage, we need to find a way to store them. Try can organizers, or even wine bottle holders!