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Tiny Smiley Crochet Jellyfish Easily Make Anyone Light Up With Delight

Need your daily dose of cute? Look no further than these adorably tiny smiling crochet jellyfish figures. They'll certainly activate your inner, "awww!"

If you needed a window into the world of tiny crochet, consider this a great introduction.

Etsy | ObscurelySmall

It's Etsy seller ObscurelySmall's specialty.

While shop owner Vivian makes a ton of tiny cute crochet objects, these smiling jellyfish deserve to have a brief moment to shine.

Each jellyfish is carefully constructed with embroidery thread to ensure no detail is missed.

Etsy | ObscurelySmall

The jellyfish is given some bead eyes, a tiny smile, and each piece is then expertly sewn together to seamlessly bring the tiny two-inch jellyfish together.

Pick a color from her dropdown menu, or get one custom made in any color combo you like!

Etsy | ObscurelySmall

These are perfect to hang from rearview mirrors in cars, attach to keychains, or just keep on your desk for an instant mood-booster.

Order your own tiny smiling jellyfish for around $20 here.