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A DIY A Potting Bench Is Perfect For Hardcore Plant Enthusiasts

If you're an avid gardener, you know how important it is to have everything you need nice and organized in one place. There's nothing worse than having to run back and forth between the backyard and the basement or the shed to retrieve all the tools you keep forgetting you'll need.

This is exactly why a dedicated potting bench is perfect.

Doesn't this gardening organization just make you squeal with delight?

Amber Oliver

While you can totally buy a new potting bench, it's actually a lot cheaper to DIY one, especially if you or someone you know has basic DIYing skills to put to use.

This one by blogger Amber Oliver uses old wood pallets to construct a simple standing potting bench.

A potting bench is perfect for a few reasons.

Instagram | @systrasays

For one, you can keep all your gardening supplies nice and organized in one place.

You also don't need to crouch over and kneel in the grass, which helps save your back.

There are tons of tutorials out there to suit everyone's DIY level and decor style.

Home Depot

Even Home Depot has their own to follow!

You can really add your own personal flair to these projects as well. You can paint them whatever color you like, decide if you want shelves or not, and add as many hooks or nails depending on your tool collection.

You can also go all out and add in a sink if you're feeling extra fancy.

The Handyman's Daughter

The Handyman's Daughter Vineta's sink actually connects to the garden hose, so there are no special complicated plumbing steps required!

You can also upcycle old dressers and turn them into the prettiest potting benches we ever did see.

Instagram | @justjillyinkc

It also doubles as a unique home decor item for the patio!

The best part about these benches is that they will be ready for every gardening season for years to come.