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You Can Upcycle An Old Refrigerator Into An Epic Outdoor Bar

Have you been looking at your backyard and feeling like something's missing? You have the patio set, you have the potted flowers, you have the garden, you have the fairy lights, and maybe you have a pool.

An upcycled refrigerator outdoor bar might just be the missing piece of your patio puzzle.

If you enjoy entertaining, then it's time to upgrade that Coleman cooler with a giant refrigerator bar.

Instructables | Matt Makes

A DIYer by the name of Matt Makes on Instructables created this mammoth of an outdoor bar that certainly puts any cooler to shame.

If you were looking to upgrade your fridge or if you have an old unused one, this is the perfect upcycling project.

Instructables | Matt Makes

And it's honestly not all that difficult if you already have some basic DIYing skills.

It requires tools and materials you may already have at home from past projects, and it's never too difficult to come by wood pallets laying on the side of the road.

You'll need to take out some of the electrical innards of the fridge, minus the Freon lines, and cut the wood pallets to fit around your fridge.

Instructables | Matt Makes

You can also sand them down and stain them whatever finish you like.

Adding casters to the bottom of the bar is key for easy travel. You're going to want your drinks closest to you wherever you are in the backyard, won't you?

The freezer portion of the fridge can be used as a giant cooler to keep drinks and food nice and cool, while the larger compartiment can be used as a countertop when closed to mix drinks or lay out the barbecue spread.

Instructables | Matt Makes

When all is said and done, you have an epic outdoor bar that easily impresses.

Matt's tutorial is pretty thorough, so definitely head to the page and follow along!