Sequins In The South

An Orange Creamsicle Frozen Margarita Is Summer In A Glass

Are you looking to expand your margarita horizon and get a little creative behind the bar? Now could not be a better time to try out some new and tasty recipes!

So pay homage to a childhood classic summer snack with an orange creamsicle frozen margarita.

If you're like me, then you grew up chasing down the ice cream truck for a refreshing orange Creamsicle or Dreamsicle.

Sequins In The South

Of course, now that we're adults, we need to zhuzh it up a bit.

And what better way to honor the childhood classic summer treat than by remixing it with an adult classic summer treat?

Meet the orange creamsicle frozen margarita.

How good does this look?

Sequins In The South

Sequins in the South's recipe mixes tequila, triple sec, and coconut cream with oranges, ice, and little sugar to make it a margarita/piña colada-type hybrid.

If you want it to be a little more indulgent, replace the coconut cream with ice cream.

3 Yummy Tummies

That's exactly what 3 Yummy Tummies' recipe does.

An orange creamsicle frozen margarita is basically summer in a glass!

What other classic summer time treats would you turn into a margarita?

Let us know!

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