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Quotes For People Who Just Can't Be Bothered

Once upon a time, I actually considered myself somewhat of a "neat freak". But then I moved into my own apartment, and somehow my "neat" became a little less "freak" and a little more, "Eh, I'll do it tomorrow."

It's pretty different going from just taking care of one room in a house (i.e.: yours), to being responsible for keeping an entire home clean by yourself. And while I certainly feel blessed that I only have a handful of rooms to tidy and maintain, that still somehow feels like too much work.

I never realized before how *little* it takes for a place to become so damn messy.


Until I moved into my own apartment, I was never someone who looked at kitchen cupboards for stains. Now, since my own happen to be white, I'm constantly having to deal with sauce stains that somehow ended up across the kitchen.

No idea how they got there, but they sure are a b***** to get off.

Then there's the never-ending pile of *laundry* that has to be done.


I used to actually try to be really good about doing laundry, and would even wash my sheets and towels every single week like my bottle of detergent was somehow bottomless.

Now I just make sure I have enough clean panties to last me a few weeks and I consider that good enough.

There are some things that I do try to do at least weekly to keep my place looking somewhat presentable.

Good Housekeeping

I sweep, I tidy, and I keep our bathroom pretty clean — which, might I add, is no small task when you live with a very-well meaning man with very poor aim.

But I also have days where I truly can't be bothered to do much more than hit the "start" button on our robot vacuum (to this day, the best purchase we ever made, and I stand by that.)

Sometimes I wish I could be the kind of person who cleans so often, their home literally always smells like Pine-Sol and Windex.

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But that's just not me. You ever looked up "weekly cleaning schedules" on Pinterest before? Stop everything and do that right now so you can join me in a good, hearty laugh session, because who the heck has time for that??

No, I think I'll stick with my "every-so-often-if-I-feel-like-it" schedule, thanks. It's been working pretty well for me so far, and I've never once had to devote an entire day to scrubbing floors.

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