8+ Ideas To Add More Greenery To Every Room In Your Home

You need more green in your house. I need more green in my house. We all need more green in our houses.

Well, greenery, that is. Plants. We need plants. So, let's make it happen! Wallpaper? Let's do it! Hanging plant lights? Heck yes! Faux monstera garland? So chic!

Oh, and real plants. We've got those in here, too. Let's do this.


Etsy | artlinkwallpaper

This is such an easy way to add the idea of greenery in without having to buy any actual plants (or fake plants). Tropical wallpapers are very in right now, so it's easy to find one to suit your style! This one is from artlinkwallpaper on Etsy.

A monstera.

Unsplash | Kara Eads

I mean, this is a given. It's the trendiest plant out there right now, as evidenced by it being on every product in Home Goods. Get the real version! But only if you don't have pets — they're toxic if eaten by a furry friend.

A FAKE monstera.


You know, for those of us who can't have the real ones because we have pets who like to eat plants (this comment is directed entirely at my cat, who, sadly, cannot read). You can pick one up at Ikea.

Any palm plant.

Urban Palms

Seriously, they're the perfect thing to have in your home. A lot of them are pretty low maintenance, and they add so much fresh greenery to any room! Plus, they get huge. That's delightful.

A wall garland.


Finally, an excuse to do more than just take selfies in the garland area of Michaels. Hanging them in any room will instantly punch up how cute the room is. That's science.

Get the ones pictured on Amazon.

A plant + light combo.


String lights + plants = magic. You can buy a pre-made string, or buy vines and string lights and make it yourself! Either way, it's gonna look fire.

Some tiny succulents.

Unsplash | Angèle Kamp

I mean, duh. You can't exactly do a plant moment without a succulent or two. They're everywhere right now, they're super easy to take care of, and they're cute as hell.

A plant wall.

Living Wall

Now, let's not go crazy. We don't have to do a whole wall of plants. But a frame with some plants on the wall, as an art moment? That's a yes.

For example: this Living Wall.

Some cute plant decor.


You don't have to do a faux plant to do some plant decor! These tiny ceramic cacti are the perfect things to add to a desk or counter. Just keep them away from kids or cats, of course. These ones are from Ikea.

Invest in all faux greenery.

If you have pets or don't have time, faux plants are going to be your solution. There's a great range of them out there, and they're lifetime investments!

Plant art!

Etsy | DaisysPrintShop

Places like Etsy, Society6, and Desenio have lots of art by real artists that center around plants and greenery. Pick some up and decorate your walls like they deserve.

These ones are from DaisysPrintShop on Etsy.

Hang some plants up.


Hanging planters are just it. They're so chic, so gorgeous, and they add something totally different to a room. The trend right now is to hang them in macramé planters!

Hey. Real plants!

I mean, this is a given. Get you some for real, honest-to-god plants and just become the plant person you were always meant to be. Build your own indoor forest. Live your best life.

An indoor herb garden (in a cart).


Cart gardens are such a cute idea. If you want to put yours to work for you, make yours an herb garden! It can hang out in your kitchen and do its thing.

Hang eucalyptus in your shower.

Etsy | PandoraBlossoms

Hanging fresh eucalyptus in your shower is an easy way to get the most relaxing and rejuvenating showers ever. When this plant mixes with the steam from your shower, it works as instant aromatherapy and is a natural way to decongest stuffy noses, too.