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Woman Thought A Pest Was Eating Her Plant, Turns Out It Was Her Kid

If you've ever owned houseplants before, then you know pests can be a major and upsetting problem. No matter how many Google searches you do, sometimes you just can't figure out what is causing your plants' ailments.

That's why plant groups and subreddits are so helpful, which is where one Facebook user went to try and get to the bottom of her monstera's poor mishap.

Facebook user Kaylee Schuermann took to a plant enthusiast Facebook group to get some advice about her monstera.

Facebook | Kaylee Schuermann

"What is happening to my Monstera?? It looks like something is eating it 😭😭😭 It did NOT look like this yesterday," she wrote.

People began offering their advice.

Facebook | Kaylee Schuermann

"Looks like something or someone is munching it away," one user said.

A lot of people thought it was caterpillar damage, or a large bug problem.

"Was this indoors the whole time? If it was outdoors I'd say caterpillars but of its indoors I'd say cat, dog or kid," one user asked.

"If you don’t have any animals or children then you have a big bug problem that’s a lot for bugs to eat in a day check under the pot and in the soil," another advised.

Others suspected it must be some sort of large animal, or even a cat.

"It really looks like its a bigger animal than a bug," one woman said.

Others were a little more suspicious, believing it had to have been a kid.

They were right! Kaylee's four-year-old daughter decided to channel her inner Littlefoot and munch on the tree star-looking monstera.

Kaylee updated the post: "Edited to add: IT WAS MY KID. 😐 CURRENTLY CONTEMPLATING ADOPTION OR GROUNDED FOR LIFE (Joking obviously. She’s 4.)."

If you know plants, then you know monsteras are pretty toxic for animals.

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For humans, however, they're "mildly toxic", and they only cause an upset stomach if consumed consistently, like over a period of days.

"I guess I need to move the “time out” spot," Kaylee cheekily replied.

At least she figured out who the "pest" was!