11+ Unexpected Parenting Hacks That Got The Job Done

Parenting can be a lot more work than any of us bargained for. Trying to raise kids to do things simply and easily is just not realistic. Luckily, parents are also geniuses deep down. When we need to, we improvise and come up with excellent ways to make things work. And, the best thing about parents is that we're always willing to share ideas with the rest of the parenting community.

This mom who put snaps on her baby's socks.

Everyone knows losing a sock in a matching pair can be a real pain in the bottom. Especially in the laundry, it's important to keep them all together. Adding snaps to keep them matching is pure genius!

This mom who used an umbrella and a stick for her baby's mobile.

When you don't have something to hold up the baby's mobile, you can make things work with whatever you have at home. This umbrella/stick combo works pretty well if you ask me!

This dad who took Barbie and Ken to the "drive-in."

When your kids ask you to play with Barbies, taking them to the "drive-in" allows everyone to still watch a movie at the same time. Brilliantly done, dad.

This mom who turned her old play pens into "chill spots."

Instead of getting rid of your old playpens, you can turn them into a chill spot for your kids to read, play on their iPads, or just take a nap.

This mom who covers outlets with baby wipe tops.

Little kids and babies love to touch everything and part of baby-proofing is making sure outlets are covered. Here's an easy way to cover them, and still make use of them, too.

Using a toothbrush holder for straws.

Kids may need smaller, more specific straws when the family is out and about. Carrying around some extras in a travel toothbrush holder is both genius and brilliant. I may do it for myself!

This mom of four who made a hack to split her kid's clothes.

Doing the laundry for an entire family can be tough work when it comes to sorting. This mom came up with a pretty great way to keep her kid's clothes all separate.

This mom who turned the morning routine into a game.

All kids love a good game and competition. This mom decided to make the morning routines in their home into a timed game. There's a new time to beat every day, and it's a faster, easier morning for everyone!

This mom who found a good way to handle the rain.

Rainy days can often mean a whole day inside with TV/movies. But, this mom made use of the flooding on her street and let her kids row their boat down the street!

This mom who turned chores into an actual job with money.

Trying to get kids to do things around the house is rough. Making it into an actual paying job with rewards and prizes is what truly makes the world work best.

This dad who needed to heat up his baby's bottle.

Not having a stove or microwave can make it tough when you're on the go, but this dad is nothing short of pure genius. He used his car's engine to heat up the milk!

This mom who used a beauty blender to apply sunscreen.

Some kids are sensitive and hate when mom rubs her hands aggressively all over their face. So, using a beauty blender keeps things gentle and also lets kids feel like mommy wearing makeup!

This mom who is hilariously brilliant.

Not wanting her kids to go down to the basement, this mom carved an entire monster into the door. Who wouldn't be scared of that monster as a kid?!?

This brilliant idea for long car rides.

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If your little one is just starting out with potty training and prone to having accidents, this hack will help put your mind at ease. Use a puppy training pad to line their car seat in case of any accidents on the road.

And, this genius hack for parents!

This mom made colorful, edible sand for her kids to play with. How did she do it? The sand is actually made from crushed Fruit Loops! That is genius.

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