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Target Is Selling A Cheeky 'Hope You Brought Wine' Doormat

Listen, no one actually likes asking guests to bring something to soirées. You basically just hope they ask if you need them to bring anything, but something, that doesn't always pan out.

But with this doormat from Target, they'll definitely be turning around to bring back the goods.

Target is selling the most perfect doormat we ever did see.

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Their "hope you brought wine" doormat is really a kind warning to guests.

Don't bother coming over unless you bring a hefty bottle of wine, am I right?

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Like if you're going to invite guests over to interrupt your busy introvert schedule, they better at least bring something.

That "something" preferably being a spiked fermented grape juice.

It's sassy, but it appears to be working!

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It speaks for you, which is always a bonus.

Confrontation isn't pleasant, right?

Next time you need to shop for a doormat, choose right.

Find it for $12.99.