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10+ Times Regular People Randomly Ran Into Celebrities

Seeing celebs out and about in regular life is a rare sighting.

Basically, we need someone to call National Geographic to narrate a wild Leonardo DiCaprio out in the wild street.

Sometimes, regular people even have the lucky experience of running into celebs when this happens. This includes in the street, on a flight, at a bookstore, and so much more.

1. This girl who met Tom Holland outside of a hotel:

TikTok | @cameronsilas

TikTok user @cameronsilas was just walking by a hotel after studying for hours with her friends when she ran across the Spider-Man actor.

Of course, he was down for a photo!

She also met Nick Jonas that same day:

TikTok | @cameronsilas

Yep. She truly is the luckiest girl alive. Imagine having the universe on your side? Can't relate.

The only thing that would make this better is if Nick's brothers were nearby. Or even Nick's wife, Priyanka!

2. This person who met Robin Williams on the street:

"Robin Williams used to walk around my childhood neighborhood near San Francisco. I saw him once, after hearing many rumors about his sightings. My brain didn’t fully comprehend what it was seeing."

"But, I could tell he was trying his very best to remain incognito and not draw any unwanted attention."

"We locked eyes. He smiled, I smiled and nodded back, and we both went our separate ways." — Redditor Solid_Snark

3. This girl who met John Mayer at Costco:


There are many reasons to hit up a local Costco: amazing prices, free samples, and sightings of John Mayer.

That's what happened to this lucky lady: "He was buying shorts and told me to tell everyone he was Ace Ventura," she said.

4. This person who met Miranda Cosgrove at Disneyland:

"I once stood in front of Miranda Cosgrove in line for Space Mountain at Disneyland. The weirdest part of it was we shared a car with her and nobody screamed or did anything during the ride. It was completely silent. Me and my sister just looked at each other like, 'WTF is going on?'" — Redditor saxman2324

5. This guy who met Rihanna at TGI Fridays:


The singer may be worth millions, but she still visits restaurants like TGI Fridays from time to time.

When this happened in 2008, this guy got a picture with the singer, whom he described as nice and gorgeous.

6. This person who met Scarlett Johansson at the zoo:

Not to be dramatic, but if I knew all it took to meet Scarlett was going to a zoo, I would have started going to zoos a long time ago!

"My wife took my son to the zoo, and he wanted to read every little plaque in the reptile area."

"My wife was distracted for a moment, so he asked the nearest stranger to read the plaque for him."

My wife turned around to see Scarlett Johansson happily reading the info to him." — Redditor mojomann128

How amazing is that?

7. This person who met KJ Apa at a gas station:

TikTok | @rachellmccoy

Why is it that we always run into the most gorgeous people when we're not looking our best?

This is what happened to this girl who wrote that she was looking "ugly" at 1 am when she and her friend ran into the Riverdale star.

8. This person who met Justin Timberlake at a basketball game:

"I went to a basketball game with my dad and we stopped by the bar area in the arena first. I immediately did a double take and couldn't believe I didn't recognize him even with the hat and sunglasses."

"I told my girlfriend at the time, who was a huge Justin Timberlake fan, and she couldn't believe I met him without knowing it was him."

"She wouldn't let it go for like a month." — Redditor Ken_the_Andal

9. This girl who met Maddie Ziegler at Urban Outfitters:

TikTok | @lyricbobeeric

A day of shopping at Urban Outfitters turned into the Best. Day. Ever for this girl who met the Dance Moms star.

It's very fitting that a leotard is behind them, given Maddie's "Chandelier" days.

10. This person who met Stephen King at a bookstore:

"I was in the horror section of a book store in Rhode Island. I picked up a book by Stephen King, flipped it over, and saw his picture on the back."

"I looked up, and in the next aisle over, right across the bookshelf from me, was a guy that looked exactly like Stephen King."

YouTube | Manufacturing Intellect

"So, I held up the book and asked, 'Is this you?' He said, 'Yeah.' Then I said, 'Good books,' then he said, 'Thanks.' And that was that." — Redditor EatATaco

11. This girl who met Patrick Dempsey at a 5K:

TikTok | @alannaq22

When you're running a 5K, you usually expect to see other runners, people wheezing, and lots of Gatorade stands.

So it was quite a surprise when this girl met the Grey's Anatomy star.

12. This person who met Jamie Foxx at a convenience store:

"I was at a convenience store in Los Angeles when me and a very nicely-dressed black gentleman walked up to the cashier at the same time to pay. It was nighttime and he had dark sunglasses on and was talking on his phone."

"I gave him the 'after you' gesture and he nodded and said, 'Thanks, buddy,' paid, and left."

"It wasn't until he was out of the store that I realized he was Jamie Foxx." — Redditor irishamerican

That's amazing! I'm so jealous!

13. This guy who met the cast of *High School Musical* at a hotel:

TikTok | @michael252c

"Such a flex," TikTok user @michael252c captioned this video of him meeting not one, not two, but five actors from the hit Disney series.

This all happened when he was just six years old and wandering around a hotel.

14. This person who met Samuel L. Jackson on a flight:

"Samuel L. Jackson was on my flight once. I was the second to last person to board the flight and there was all this commotion with the flight attendants and gate crew. Once I approached the door of the plane, I realized they were all looking at Samuel L. Jackson."

"He was standing by the cockpit, making himself available to passengers and fans."

"I played it cool, didn’t say a word. Turns out, I’m shy around celebrities. I’m just glad I didn’t make a Snakes on a Plane joke." — Redditor Anonjohn123456

15. This girl who met Mel Gibson at her wedding:


This bride was just minding her own business, having her wedding photos taken, when the actor walked by.

She said that he complimented her dress and asked her to ditch her fiancé and go with him. "He also photobombed me and my mom!"

16. This person who met Alan Rickman at Barnes & Noble:

"I worked at a Barnes & Noble in New York as a clerk, but once or twice I'd be called over to the in-store Starbucks café to help out whenever they were understaffed."

"One time, Alan Rickman came in and ordered something, I can't recall what."

"I wrote 'Hans Gruber' on his cup, though. He smiled at me when he noticed it." — Redditor zeromig

17. This person who met Billie Eilish at Target:

TikTok | @hanwuzhere

"Weirdest day of my life," this TikTok user said about her experience of running into the 18-year-old singer at Target.

It just goes to show that everyone — celebs included — is obsessed with Target.

18. This guy who met Janice Dickinson at Target:


Billie Eilish isn't the only celeb fans have met in Target.

When this guy was shopping for some clothes, he met the former supermodel. She even used her fashion experience to help him pick out some clothes!

Do you have any interesting stories of random times that you ran into a celebrity?

If not, what story from above was your favorite to read about? Which celebrity do you want to randomly run into?

Let us know below in the comments! We would love to hear from you!