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An Artist Showed How She Turned Disney Princesses Into Modern Women

Times change but some things remain the same. That much can be said about Disney Princesses by and large. They're unquestionably some of the most popular characters ever created, yet somehow the most stereotypical.

Well, thanks to artist vanotyarts Disney's most beloved Princesses of all time are finally getting some much-needed revision.

Have a look and see how she was able to transform these Disney Princesses into Modern women.

There are two types of characters in animated storytelling: those who are Disney Princesses and those who wish they were Disney Princesses.

Come on, you know that it's true. I know that I'm definitely on the latter side of the fence...

But as revered and respected as they all are, you can't help but notice that their fashion sense is a bit dated.


You can't really blame them. Most of the storylines tend to take place in the Middle Ages or during times of Pre-Enlightenment.

There wasn't a lot to work with.

Now, thanks to the efforts of artist Yudelmis San Emeterio, Disney's Princesses are finally stepping into the 21st century!

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It's about time, too! vanotyarts incredible work is sure to impress.

Have a look and see for yourself!

Take a look at this BEFORE picture of Mulan, shown in her traditional garb.

I'm not saying she isn't beautiful but fashionable is another thing.

Also, I know she hacked off her hair with a sword but that bob-cut is still atrocious.

And this is Mulan AFTER her makeover.

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So first thing's first: her hair is freaking gorgeous! Like beautiful black waves crashing and cascading down her shoulders.

I'm not normally a fan of tattoos but even I have to admit that Mulan's ink is on point!

Belle is known for her inquisitive mind and strong spirit, but that dress is very 1700s...


Belle looks as if she's about to start singing "The Hills Are Alive".

I'm not hating on it, in fact, I respect Belle for being incredibly ahead of her time as far as her views toward feminism are concerned.

But I mean come on! There's nothing that says you can't be both beautiful and brilliant, right?

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Is it just me or does Belle have a real Arlene Dickenson quality about her with that single blonde highlight?

Also, her brows are on fleek.

Tiana has always been mesmerizing, but her regal appearance gives her an air of stuffiness.

We get it, Tiana, you're a princess! But even princesses can take a day off every once in a while.

Might I make a suggestion? Lose the gloves.

Look at how much more incredible Tiana looks after she finally decides to let her hair down; simply stunning!

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In all honesty, Tiana is probably the most modern of her Disney contemporaries. She really didn't need to change much of anything.

However, those subtle sparkle accessories go a long way.

Jasmine is my favorite of all the Disney Princesses, but she's arguably the one who's in most need of a revamping.


Gold is getting old, Jasmine.

Also, I'm not exactly sure why she's wearing the Heart of the Ocean on her head, but that needs to go.

Wowzers. This one is borderline seductive!

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Is it just me or does it look like Jasmine wants to show Aladdin "A Whole New World"?

The smokey eyes are a little much in my opinion but to each their own.

I don't mean to be rude, but I always thought Rapunzel was a little basic with her hairstyle.

I'm just saying that if I had that much hair, I would have the craziest braids and the most intricate designs.

Also, that dress, kind of screams "Prom Queen Class of 1327".

Her open beehive with a French-braid streaked down the middle is a much needed step in the right direction.

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I'm in love with the new threads. It's classy, yet still fashion-forward!

The hairdo is tastefully retro as well but pales when compared to those thick luscious lashes Rapunzel's rockin'.

Let's be honest: Jane was plain. That look may have worked in the Victorian era, but not today.

Jane kind of looks like a living painting: elegant but out of place.

She's gorgeous, there's no question about that, but her yellow frock kind of makes her look like a banana.

Her natural beauty practically explodes off the page. Also, I'm loving the haircut!

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It looks like Jane borrowed a gown out of Belle's closet! I know I already said it but I can't get over her haircut, it's gorgeous!

Without a doubt, Jane has never looked better.

Cinderella was either wearing an old dish rag or a sparkling white dress. We never got to really see her express her true self.


Clothes don't make the person, but what we wear on the outside often reflects how we feel about ourselves on the inside.

We never got to see that side of Cinderella.

Is anyone else surprised by the double piercing? Cindy's got some edge to her look!

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I'm not sure if this is deliberate, but Cinderella is giving off some huge Melissa Joan Hart vibes circa her Sabrina, the Teenage Witch days.

What other Disney Princesses would you like to see turned into modern women? Leave a comment and let us know!