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15+ Things That People Definitely Never Saw Coming

As we go through life, we'll find ourselves in situations that can leave us expecting the worst. This tends to depend on our individual fears, but they give us something we know to watch out for.

For instance, I became acutely aware of how few guard rails and fences the Grand Canyon had when I visited that in my youth. By the same token, any time a baseball is traveling within a mile of my family at a game, my mom is convinced that it's headed directly for her head.

But while our worries may put us on high alert, the unfortunate reality is that life is just as likely to drop something on our laps that we never would have expected. And that explains how these people got into the situations they did.

It's hard to know how to feel when you get something like this in your fortune cookie.

Reddit | Dwa2211

Negative fortunes in general seem pretty rare, but there's a big difference between "something will fall on you soon" and "life is hopeless and you will always be miserable."

Gee, thanks.

The sad part is that the people who laid this concrete likely took a great deal of care not to step in it.

Reddit | mikerockitjones

However, it seems that all that effort was for nothing when a group of ducks decided this was the perfect time and place to wander around.

Who can predict something like that?

It may not seem like there's anything wrong with this picture, but it's showing us that the uplaoder has no chance of getting anywhere.

Reddit | friendscallmeadolph

You might have noticed a small piece of metal in that gap on the outside of the trunk and I'm sorry to say that those are the car keys.

That is some aggressively bad luck.

Although the uploader admits this wasn't the smartest move in the world, they were still surprised by the results.

Reddit | Not-Oliver

What happened was that they put their phone in their mouth while reaching for a coffee coaster and apparently bit down hard enough to crack the screen.

Most of us know that's a bad idea for sanitary reasons, but it looks like we can add another reason to the list.

It's hard to tell what exactly happened here, but I can only guess that it was as surprising to experience as it is to look at.

Reddit | PappaGamer

And as we can see, the truly surprising part is that whatever shaved so much of the car's body off apparently didn't affect anything necessary to make it move.

Anyone who owns a microwave knows that bugs love getting in behind the display, but that's not the only tight space they can end up in.

Reddit | teenagesaabtragic

For instance, here we see an ant crawling around inside of a very expensive 4K monitor. Hopefully, they can darken the room and shine a light at the top to lure it out.

Although we obviously know that a lot of people in this world do this, they don't usually advertise their illicit business so openly.

Reddit | concludes_cheating

Unless this is some bizarre prank, we're either looking at the world's most obvious police sting operation or the world's most daring criminal.

Sometimes a minor problem can become a major one when the timing is just that bad.

Reddit | modsareg4y

For instance, this person's shoe fell off. That wouldn't be so bad except for the part where it happened right as they stepped onto this train and right before it started moving.

The only choice is to kiss it goodbye and dread the next few hours.

This didn't turn out to be a big deal, but it definitely startled the uploader at first.

Reddit | Doctor_Ham

I can't imagine both how long it took them and how embarrassing it was when they realized that the apparent slasher movie villain they parked next to was just an oddly-placed jacket on a headrest.

Even if this person immediately saw the problems with this design, it was clear that their landlord didn't.

Reddit | fireskull759

This shelf built over the toilet tank makes it almost impossible to service the toilet if it stops working.

Well, guess what? It stopped working.

You know, it's not often that we see sombody's unpleasant surprise before they do.

Reddit | OKrealfunny

What we have here is a fake snake that the uploader's dad apparently made to scare his neighbor.

I'm sure there's a long story behind why he'd want to do that.

Although this woman was likely excited that her picture would end up on a big truck like this, it seems that her success came with a drawback.

Reddit | motoperpetuoso

I have no idea how many pictures were taken that day, but the photographer happened to use the exact one that shows her apparently picking her nose.

What hard luck.

Ah yes, this picture perfectly illustrates why eating at the beach is only fun for a short while.

Reddit | MjPour

Because the longer that there's food that hasn't been eaten yet, the more likely those pesky seagulls are to invade the whole affair.

And judging by everyone's reactions, they came out of nowhere.

This was technically part of someone's art project, but it came as a complete surprise to the house's owner.

Reddit | ListerineAfterOral

It turns out that it only took their three-year-old son 10 minutes to slather his room and other random parts in the house in paint while the parent took a phone call.

I can only hope it was an important enough call to be worth all this.

From the looks of it, the Amazon driver wanted to play a very cruel game that day.

Reddit | aznPHENOM

After all, this package happened to be placed in such a way that the uploader's only options were to either stay inside or knock it down the stairs.

You'd think that the only ways a pizza order could go wrong involve the driver getting lost or the staff making the wrong pie.

Reddit | J_4nders

But as far as we know, it arrived on time and (at least on paper), this is what they wanted.

I can't imagine how they'll find a way to share it fairly, though.

It seems the uploader was perfectly happy with their scenic bike route before this odd gallery turned up.

Reddit | stratos_

I couldn't tell you what these wooden figures are or why someone strapped them to the trees, but I don't think I have to tell you why this person stopped going this way.

Sometimes the problem isn't that we don't see something coming, but rather that we don't see something going.

Reddit | woweewow

As we can see from the big gash in this truck, this person was able to get the gas pump in OK, but wasn't as successful when it came to taking it out.

Frankly, I'm surprised the pump was this strong.

As the uploader said, "I asked my wife to tidy up my neck with the clippers...yes we are still married."

Reddit | LongjumpingWallaby8

Well, I suppose the silver lining is that he'll be facing his coworkers from the front anyway if he's working from home.

And he'll look like a model employee since he's definitely not going to move until the Zoom call is over.

If you ever find yourself complaining about a weather delay at the airport, this photo may provide a little perspective.

Reddit | jcepiano

Apparently, this unnerving dent was simply the result of hail from a thunderstorm.

And as scary as this looks, it's important to remember that this was probably closer to the best case scenario than the worst.

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