A New Dark 'Moana' Theory About Her Fate Is Going Viral

Fan theories just keep getting darker. First, there was the theory that the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was dead the entire time on the '90s sitcom.

And now, a new dark theory about Disney's Moana threatens to change how you view the beloved film forever.

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When it comes to beloved Disney movies, *Moana* is right up there.


Starring Auli'i Cravalho and Dwayne Johnson, the story goes against the grain of traditional Disney classics.

Instead of focusing on the princess finding true love with a prince, she finds true self-love with herself.

As with most Disney movies, though, there are some dark fan theories circulating.


This new one that's recently gone viral threatens to change how you view the movie forever...

Ready for it? Diehard Moana fans, you may want to cover your eyes.

This *Moana* theory posits that Moana was dead the entire time.

Yep. Dead.

This theory comes from the twisted mind of Reddit user, davemidrock.

His theory begins right at the beginning of Moana's journey when she asked the ocean for help.

Instead, there's a huge storm that brings her to Maui's island.


He's the shapeshifting demigod voiced by Dwayne Johnson.

"What if there's a barrier between the normal human world and the magical otherworld, where are all the things from Polynesian mythology are?" writes the Reddit user.

"And the only way to get to the otherworld is to be a part of it? For instance, by being dead?"

Woah. Super dark, am I right?

But, this Reddit user does have some compelling evidence to back up his claims.

First, Moana doesn't interact or meet any humans after the storm starts.

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She only encounters Maui and monsters until Te Fiti brings her back to the island.

And, speaking of humans, she survives things that no human would be able to survive.

For instance, her falls in the Realm of Monsters.

"The only time we see Moana get physically hurt is when she gets her foot stuck in the reef, which takes place BEFORE the storm, when she was still in her island (and alive)," the user writes.

Later, they remembered that Moana did look hurt for a moment when she was trying to get out of Maui's cave.

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However, they believe that this was probably just mental pain "since she just ran into a rock and her brain is telling her that should hurt."

They also point out that she could just be able to withstand a lot since that's movie-magic for you.

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This happens a lot in cartoons. How else could cartoon characters constantly get hurt and stay alive?


The next piece of evidence — and probably the strongest— to support their theory has to do with Moana's grandmother.

During her adventure, Moana meets her grandma and ancestors as ghosts.

She also sees her grandma's spirit as a stingray before the storm.

However, it is only *after* the storm that she can communicate with her grandmother.

Why, you ask? Well, because they are both dead.

This makes things pretty grim. Aren't Disney movies all about rainbows and sunshine?

The user then pointed out that all of this dead stuff applies to Hei Hei, Moana's chicken.


"He must have also died in the storm and then been brought back to life by Te Fiti (at the end, Maui even points out, 'The chicken lives').

In the end, the theory states that both Moana and Hei Hei were resurrected by Te Fiti.


In this theory and the real ending, Moana became chief and wayfinder since she brought peace to the seas by restoring the lost heart.

Whether you believe in the theory or not, it did get lots of traction online.


Some even brought forth more evidence. For example, Reddit user Dewyn believed that Moana could have been a Demigod like Maui.

This would account for the fact that she couldn't get hurt.

Another believed that the chicken didn't die; he was simply her immortal guide.

We're going with that one since we can't bear to think of Hei Hei dying </3

What do you think of the fan theory that Moana was dead the whole time?

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