19+ People Who Won Life In Weird Ways

There are many ways that you can win at life. I mean, most of them revolve around getting a good job and a family and other boring stuff, but there are also a lot more weird and fun ways out there!

So, with that in mind, please enjoy these 19+ people who won life in weird ways!

"Won on a Scratch-It today, and immediately went to the Lottery Office."

Reddit | JimBeamExPat

I wonder how much those big novelty checks cost? I imagine that they actually cost more than the winnings.

"My girlfriend and I were waiting for each other to buy new toothpaste. I thought I had won and came home to this."

Reddit | ronswansoneatssteak

It looks like there still might be just enough for one more use in there. You're not out of the game yet!

"Best licence plate for traffic!"

Reddit | SGwithADD

Sure, it might be an incredibly niche area to be winning life in, but everyone excels somewhere I guess. Not me though, I just suck at everything, all the damn time.

"My team mate is a 5'6" gymnast. She bet us she could completely fit in her locker - she won."

Reddit | brokentoasters

The idea of being trapped in that locker like that is making me feel incredibly anxious. There would be no way that I would do this for a bet, as I'd just be waiting for someone to lock me in.

"Won a bet against my boss nearly a year ago. Came into work to see that he finally paid pennies."

Reddit | thenation7

Can you imagine if this person took these to the bank after work to get them changed into notes, only to get the same attendant that had turned them into pennies in the first place that morning!

"Look who just won the lottery!"

Reddit | ghostface

There are few things quite like the unbridled joy you will feel when you get more snacks than you're meant to from a box!

"Saw this on my drive home, this guy will win whatever he's running for."

Reddit | billnyeisjustok

I wonder if he did win in the end? I mean, how could you not with a campaign like that?! It was his race to lose.

"My brother won an Emmy and here's where he keeps it."

Reddit | Mbeard113

A lot of people were wondering what their brother had won the Emmy for, and it turns out, "He's a photog for a national news org. He shot a segment that won an Emmy."

"I was so preoccupied as to whether or not I could win 10 giant bears, I didn't stop to think whether I should win 10 giant bears."


Apparently, this person won these on something called the "unstable rope ladder game." They had them all in their house for a while before having to re-home some of the bears to family and friends.

"Dad put up this sign on the back door. I wonder who won..."

Reddit | ravin_monkey123

I'm guessing, from the fact that they have to keep the door shut and that the raccoon keeps coming back for more, that their dad barely won this one!

"Even they won't be your friends though."

Reddit | Goodbusiness24

This is definitely a big win for the person who came up with this sign. It's not a win for the people they're talking about, though. They're still losers.

"My daughter and my puppy fight over who's going to warm their butt on the vent in the morning. The baby won today. The puppy is pouting about it."

Reddit | moonstep77

Surely there must be a little heat pad that you can get for this little fella to sit on as well! It's heartbreaking looking at his little face!

"Getting things done today."

Reddit | tim686

Although, if they tick off three things, then do they tick off "Tick 3 things off the list" as well? Because that would then mean that there were four things ticked off!

"They change this sign every month. Always a win."

Reddit | Togas-4-420

Someone argued that fuel is actually made from decomposed plant matter. I don't know enough about fossils to make a judgment on this, and I frankly don't care enough either.

It's Good To Vent!

Reddit | tomosel

I love it when you see someone who clearly takes a lot of pride in their work! But... I love it when you see someone who clearly couldn't give any less of a rat's ass about their job even more!

"Vandalism at its best!"

Reddit | andrewjacobsny

Finally, I can get myself a fragrance that smells like a freshly made sausage sandwich! I've been after this for years!

"It's the small victories."

Reddit | nashgasm

Good to see a rare moment of self-awareness from someone who brews their own beer. People who brew their own beer should be fun (on paper that is), but they never are in reality.

"After FINALLY fitting the couch in the car, we decided to take a victory picture."

Reddit | therealgeegay

Look, they definitely got it in there, so that is technically a win. I can imagine that the price of changing that window might be more than a cheap second-hand couch?

"The best use I've ever seen for false eyelashes."

Reddit | Aquagenie

Now that is one hell of a badass-looking bird! Someone get him a ripped denim gilet covered in patches, STAT!

"Went to the top of the Eiffel Tower on Friday. Some couples put locks on there to show their love. This was there amongst them..."

Reddit | ScrewedbyX100inParis

I like how it also looks like they have tried to add their phone number on the bottom there in case anyone is amused enough by this to go on a date with them!

"The Best Waiter ever?"


I'm sure that the people who were washing dishes at the back were amused by this joke!

"My daughter feel she was victorious over peas. I disagree."

Reddit | shardaddy

This baby looks like it is about to throw those peas back up again, and make somehow even more mess than they had already made.

"Just found out my kid won't even eat uncrust."

Reddit | tonusbonus

This kid has seen through your ruse...well, if this even is a ruse? Either way, their hair won't be going curly due to this!

"Best Fire Fighter name ever!"

Reddit | nigelolympia

Do you think that he wanted to become a firefighter just because of his name, and has been waiting for years for this moment of recognition?

I Guess That Is The Right Answer?

Reddit | TheImpundulu

What on Earth kind of question is this? Honestly, it never ceases to amaze me some of the ridiculous questions that make it into actual exams! I hope this person at least got full marks for this answer!

"Stay strong..."

Reddit | nayrovi-99

It's got to be a deliberate joke, right? It's funny and all, but would you not maybe get a little sick of such a one-note joke after a while?

"The Good Boy Party has the best treats!"

Reddit | strychnine28

They also have a total ban on fireworks, which may very well appeal to quite a few humans as well!

"My niece is in 5th grade and got her first love note. This 5th grader has more game than I'll ever have."

Reddit | dreichert87

This kid has the heart of a true romantic poet! The line about feeling as though he had every Pokémon ever could be the most romantic thing I've ever read in my life.

"I won a $500 costume contest last night."

Reddit | Kraymergdot

With how all-in he went with the props, food, and sauce, I can see why he won!

"In a game of skill, brute force can also do the trick."

Reddit | duscdragon

If anything, this is even more impressive. Or it's a sign the board needs to be replaced.

"My dad has snack safe box. He won’t give my mom the combination."

Reddit | TheMasonicZelph

Well, duh, it's not a "safe box" if other people can get into it. He's just protecting his valuables!

"I had a contest on Facebook to determine how to wrap the hood of my '97 Grand Marquis. I wrapped it with the winning entry today."

Reddit | tulogit

The only way this could be better is if it were an infinite spiral of Bobs painting other Bobs. But a cat pizza DJ is a good backup.

"When the plane won't fit."

Reddit | ELIscientist

When you don't have the budget to add on to the hangar, you have to make do.

"Teaching my son about popsicle sharing.


It's a harsh reality of life, kid, one that'll come back to get ya throughout the years. It hurts, but it makes the victory of getting the bigger half that much sweeter.

"Needless to say I won the ugly Xmas sweater contest."

Reddit | scootertrashed

This isn't usually what everyone pictures when talking about Saint Nic, but I think it will be from now on.

"My boxer isn't allowed to be on the couch. He won this one on a technicality."

Reddit | Bombingofdresden

This is way harder than lying on the floor. This is how you know he's doing this for the principle of the thing. This is an act of rebellion.

"As someone who has lost many sunglasses at the beach, finding these was a small victory."

Reddit | SlurmCola

They say if you love something, lose it let it go, and if it really loved you it will come back.

"My friend's office has been in a post-it war with the neighbors... and yesterday, the neighbors won."


I cannot imagine how many post-it notes they had to get their hands on to put this together, but it was absolutely worth it!

"It's a dangerous life as a pizza delivery guy. But they will soon tell tales of my journey."

Reddit | xAverageJoex

If there would be one place in modern society that held a Minotaur-ridden labyrinth in the basement, it would be a hospital.

"Winning The Best Ex Game."

Reddit | Nikil_k

I can't work out whether or not they're just still on really good terms, or if she was really trying to have a dig at him?