11+ Home Decor Products That Won't Break The Bank

Time for my absolute favorite subject: home decor!

Styling a home can be pretty difficult. You don't want it to seem empty, but you also don't want to fill it with random stuff that doesn't mean anything to you. These products might be just what you're looking for to give your home that little extra somethin' somethin'. Let's go!

Let's get you some stylish, affordable mirrors.


In terms of size for your buck, Ikea is going to be the best place for large mirrors. This circle mirror is not only a very trendy, it's $30!

Get high-quality art prints from actual artists.

Society6 | Ingrid Beddoes photography

RedBubble and Society6 are sites that allow artists to upload their work onto multiple products and sell them directly to the consumer. You can choose from Art Prints or Framed Art Prints on both sites!

This piece is available here.

These moon phases are very in right now.

Urban Outfitters

Who doesn't love the moon? That's what I thought. I'm a huge fan of having unexpected shapes and pieces next to regular wall art, like frames. Something this 3D really breaks up the space!

Get it at Urban Outfitters.

Planters do NOT have to break the bank.


Seeing larger planters retailing for $50+ is a major drawback to trying to grow bigger plants. Don't worry! Places like Amazon sell larger, stylish planters for very affordable prices — like this one!

There is no need for expensive frames.


No, really. Unless you have a very unusual sized piece of art, places like Ikea will have basic, affordable, stylish frames. This one is $12.99!

But if you do need to spend a little more on framing...

Never forget your coupons. Seriously. Michael's will often have steep discounts on frames and framing — we're talking 40-50%, up to 70%. Never. Forget. Your coupons!

This frame is from their always-affordable Studio Decor line.

Display treasured items in stylish ways.


Forget the whole idea of a cabinet for your valuable knick-knacks. Instead, do something fun and unique, like display boxes! This one is from Ikea.

Baskets are a genius way to add texture to a room.


And a genius way to hide whatever you don't want on display. Some people even hide their cables in them! I use mine for blankets, personally.

This basket from Ikea is a blogger favorite.

Trash need not be ugly.


Sorry, but as a society have progressed past the need for boring trash cans. We just have. This trash can? It's gold, and it's $15. Um, score.

Weird bowls make for great, practical decor.


I know, because I just bought this bowl, and it's fun, weird, and holds a LOT. The price is $24.99, but I got it for $17.99 in Canada.

You need some velvet in your life.


So let's do it! Velvet pillows are a good way to go, since they're smaller, come in a lot of colors, and they're chic af. It's all about texture, y'all. These ones even have tassels!

Cheat a gallery wall with picture rails.


You could spend all your time perfectly aligning your frames, or you could buy a picture rail and make your decor look effortless. I know which one I've literally chosen (no, really, I'm staring at my own picture rail right now).

Table lamps can add style, as well as light.


Seriously, lamps don't have to be boring! The weirder they are, the more personality your room will have. This one from Ikea is $39.99! I'd paint it black, but maybe that's just me.

Do something fun and a little weird with your shelving.

Urban Outfitters

Shelving does not have to be boring! Creative pieces like this one both show off your decor, but also act as their own art pieces. Why not have fun with your walls?

Urban Outfitters has a fun selection of shelving here.