Moms Who Gave Birth While Wearing Masks Speak Out Online

There are many difficulties that people are facing during the current coronavirus pandemic that is ongoing across the world. Many people are still out of work as companies and businesses are struggling to reopen safely. People who are high-risk and have weakened immune systems are unable to leave their homes and across the world, people are struggling financially and socially.

For many, being in isolation has been rough.

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Many have struggled staying home without the ability to go to work or to leave their home. However, there are many individuals that need to leave due to medical conditions or because they are pregnant.

Being pregnant in the middle of a global pandemic has to be scary.

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As many news outlets report how stressful hospitals are at the moment, having to go in for your labor and delivery can be anxiety-inducing. However, there are many precautions that are being put in place for expecting moms.

Many hospitals are only allowing one person in the delivery room with expecting mothers.

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In the spring, some hospitals even said no one could come into the delivery room, but now, one person can come assist and stay with the expecting mother. However, there are other regulations put in place, too.

Expecting mothers are also told to wear masks during delivery.

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Just like businesses and stores, hospitals are requiring that women wear masks during labor and delivery. With so many people having outbursts about wearing masks in public, moms who had to wear them while giving birth are speaking out.

Moms cannot believe that people are throwing tantrums over wearing a mask in public.

One mom said that she, too, dislikes discomfort and inconvenience, but after wearing a mask during her delivery, she can't believe people are whining about wearing a mask for their half-hour errands.

Another mom posted a photo with her newborn.

She wrote:

"On Saturday, I gave birth to my son while wearing a face mask the entire time.

So I think you all can manage being asked to wear one to go grocery shopping."

One mom said she was in labor for hours.

Twitter user Amil wrote that she was in labor for seven hours and had to wear a mask the entire time, so she doesn't want to hear people complain about their 10-minute errands.

One mom was in labor for over a day!

Jai Kershner was in labor for 38 hours, had a C-section, and spent her time in recovery with a mask. Clearly, she is a bit annoyed with everyone who is complaining about wearing a mask in stores.

This mom explained what it was like to give birth during a pandemic to put other expecting parents at ease.

Yes, she had to wear a mask, and yes, the experience was a bit different, but at the end of the day, she welcomed her perfect baby. What more could she ask for?

Overall, giving birth takes a lot out of you.

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Wearing a mask, while important and safe, is definitely a tad annoying at times. Having to do so while giving birth to a human is definitely inconvenient. But, these moms are saying that if they can do it, everyone else can, too.