Quotes For Those Of Us That Hate The Gym Life

Before working for Diply, I was part of the administrative team for a large fitness club company. That job came with the perk of a free gym membership. I never once used it in eight years.

In fact, the only time I even entered one of the gyms was for a big company meeting held in one of the fitness class rooms.

So, yeah the gym is not a place I enjoy.

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Setting aside the fact that my social anxiety disorder makes the idea of working out in public (let alone changing or showering) terrifying, I also just do not understand the whole "working out" thing.

I am definitely a low-impact exercise kind of girl.

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Lifting weights, aerobics, treadmills... no thanks. Ditto for all the sweating. I hate sweating.

I would much rather enjoy my healthy movement in the form of a brisk walk on a cool evening with a good audiobook playing in my earbuds.

For many people, a membership to a gym gives them the drive to keep on going.

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But if the number of people paying for a pass they never use is any indication, then it's not a drive that works for everyone.

And that's okay.

I've come to terms with the fact that a gym membership isn't going to be the key to health and weight loss.

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I am finding my own way to be healthy and if the gym isn't for you either, then you can find your best option too. Just try things and drop what doesn't work while focusing on what does.

At least until drive-thru instant-workouts become a thing.

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