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A 'Groundhog Day' TV Reboot Might Be In The Works

When it comes to beloved movies, I'm always conflicted when it comes to reboots, remakes, and sequels. While I always want more of the content I love, there's always a chance that the new content will not be any good or will just feel like a cash grab. I really have to take it all on a case by case basis.

*Groundhog Day* is a classic.

Bill Murray stars in this film about an unfortunate guy who gets stuck living the same day over and over and over again until he figures out how to get out of the loop.

Sounds like my 2020 so far!

“There’s talk about a ‘Groundhog Day’ series in the works,” revealed Murray's co-star in the film Stephen Tobolowsky.

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“One of the producers — I was working on ‘The Goldbergs’ or [the spinoff series] ‘Schooled’, one of those shows over on the Sony lot, and one of the producers saw me and goes, ‘Oh, Stephen! Stephen! We’re working on a ‘Groundhog Day’ TV show,'" he said in a new interview.

Stephen revealed that they asked him to reprise his role.

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"'Could you be Ned for the TV show?' I go, ‘Sure. Yeah. No problem.’ But it’s Ned 30 years later. What has his life become?” Stephen revealed.

So not a true reboot, but a sequel series! Interesting!

How do you feel about this news?

While it's not been confirmed that this show is happening for sure, it does seem to be a little bit more interesting than just a straight up reboot. Are you interested to see how it works, or do you think they should just let the movie speak for itself?