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Twitter Dragged Kim Kardashian After Tweeting About Her Wealth — Again

If you follow Kim Kardashian on social media, then you probably already know that she gets called out all the time. There's hardly anything she's ever shared online that hasn't received some form of backlash.

But more than ever, fans have been criticizing her for being "tone deaf", and it just happened again after she and her husband, Kanye West, bragged about their family's wealth via Twitter.

There's no denying that we are living through a critical moment in history. There are some undeniably important things happening in the world right now.

Let's start with the obvious: We're living through a global pandemic, and have been for months.

With no clear end in sight, the *entire world* has been asked to wear a mask in public places, practice social distancing, and frequent hand-washing.

Knowing that this is an indefinite issue that isn't going anywhere anytime soon is certainly disheartening.

Not to mention that more than half a million people have died due to COVID-19, worldwide, with more than 10 million confirmed cases.

And those are just the confrmed cases. Let's not forget about everyone that hasn't been tested yet.

Furthermore, we've also seen protests all across North America, demanding racial equality.

So, on top of a pandemic, we're also having to fight for basic human rights.

Oh, and the unemployment rate in the US is currently up to 16%.

All of that to say, that there are some very serious issues going on in the world. But Kim Kardashian thought it would be a good time to, essentially, brag about her wealth.

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Read the room, Kim. I'm literally shaking my head right now.

So, ICYMI, over the weekend Kanye West, Kim's husband, claimed that she is a billionaire.

Now, even if that were true. Some might agree that now is maybe not the best time to be boasting about how much money you have. Considering that a huge portion of the world's population is struggling more now than ever before.

But *Forbes* quickly debunked Kanye's claim that Kim is a billionaire. She is, in fact, not.

Shortly after Kanye's tweet, Kim shared a couple photos to Twitter, celebrating her daughter, North's birthday on their ranch with their "14" horses.

While North, of course, looked adorable, fans couldn't help but notice that her tweet might have been a bit tone deaf, all things considered.

She introduced one of the 14 Friesian horses they have on their family's ranch in Wyoming.

Without hesitation, fans called out Kim for feeling the need to tweet about her wealth during these trying times.

BTW, just for reference, a Friesian horse can cost anywhere from $7000 for a colt to $600,000 for a stallion.

And she has 14 of them.

"The money you paid to buy one of these horses could have fed one or two families of four for a whole year. 50+ people could have eaten. But yay you have 13 extra horses," someone replied to Kim's tweet.

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"We need to defund your family," wrote another.

"Honestly the fact that you chose a moment in time when our unemployment rate is the highest it’s ever been since the Great Depression to brag about having too many fancy horses," another tweeted.

"And then couldn’t even spell the breed correctly is a perfect illustration of America in 2020."

"Don’t be shy, use your billion dollars to fight racial injustices in America".

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"Or perhaps to help the unbelievable amount of U.S. citizens living in extreme poverty," someone wrote.

""Wowwwww. No one care about your wealth right now. The country is suffering," someone said.

"One night in 5th grade when my dad came home at the usual time of like 11pm I overheard him say to my mom “I am going to be working until the [expletive] day I die” so I tried to give my classmate’s dolls makeovers for 25¢ because I didn’t want my parents to worry about money anymore," another tweeted.

Some have even referenced this old clip from *Keeping Up With The Kardashians* where Kim was crying after losing a diamond earring in the ocean.

There are literally people dying and struggling to get by right now. But thank you for letting everyone know that you have 14 very expensive horses.

What do you think of Kim Kardashian's tweet, sharing information about her wealth despite being amidst a global pandemic, civil rights movement, and economic crisis?

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