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Quotes For When 2020 Is Finally, Literally Hindsight

When New Year's rolled around and 2019 became 2020, a lot of my friends began to make jokes about 20/20 vision or "hindsight being 20/20". It was cute the first time, but I eventually just stopped reacting and they got bored with it.

We probably all have at least one friend who made that joke and boy, does it hit very differently now, doesn't it?

Like, seriously, each time we roll into a new month, my whole body tenses up in anticipation.

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What's it going to be this time? Some new natural disaster or terrible accident? Some crazy political shake up? More unrest or protests or atrocities causing World War 3 to trend on Twitter again?

And we're only half way through the year!

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There's still six months to go, with all the craziness of how a new school year will work, and possible second waves of the pandemic, and hurricane season, and holidays, and can I just go to sleep until 2021, please?

My nerves can't take much more of this.

The thing is, I *know* that I'm in a better place this year than a lot of people.

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I'm lucky enough to have a job that can easily shift to being done at home without much loss in productivity, I don't have kids or roommates to drive me crazy, and as of right now, my area hasn't been hit very hard with COVID-19.

Not everyone is as lucky.

I try to remember that, while also allowing myself to feel the stress and worry and sadness that comes with uncertain times.

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Even when the current craziness ends, there will be new insanity to take its place, and I think we can all agree than there is no returning to the "normal" of the Before Times.

We grieve for the loss of that time before, and that's okay, but we also need to acknowledge the loss, let it go, and look forward to facing whatever comes next.