15+ Moments That Made Us Go ‘Thanks Mr. Obvious’

A lot of people love to be able to state the painfully obvious. It gives them an unparalleled sense of power! Either that or they just do it by accident which can end up with some hilarious consequences!

So, with that idea in mind, here are 15+ moments that made us go, "Thanks, Mr. Obvious!"

"Friend's mom saved a postcard she'd sent home from Summer Camp as a kid."

Reddit | joelman0

They went on to say that this proves that some kids are indeed "required" to send letters home, regardless of their enthusiasm to do so!

"Obviously the only correct answer."

Reddit | ixRez

For a doodle that is composed of a crucifix and two normal flowers, they have managed to make this unsettlingly kinky.

Didn't Have To Be Quite So Blunt...

Reddit | 123unlucky

I wonder if they still got a mark for this. Can you see anything wrong with this answer?

You Don't Say...

Reddit | bjbyrne

Really? I wouldn't have guessed from the fact that I read this sign as I was swimming past it!

"When you think criminal names aren't obvious enough..."

Reddit | FilmReviewer101

I assumed that this name was either a gag or a good photoshopping job. However, a little research showed that it is indeed her name, as the Huffington Post confirms!

"He's obviously eating Vienna Sausage on a rainbow!"

Reddit | lmp427

I think that we all agree that one day we all aspire to be so rich as to be able to eat vainasases on a rabo!


Reddit | crazypoppycorn

Look, there is absolutely no way that anyone would ever get away with this...

*Awkwardly tugs at collar causing two squirrels to come flying out

Where Do You Stand?

Reddit | CJMilli

Are you also a bacon lover? I sincerely hope so as the only alternative is that you are sadly...well, doing life wrong.

"Just the facts!"

Reddit | Crybaby1957

Let me know in the comments if you managed to fall for any of these little tricks! I didn't, obviously... Okay, so maybe one or two!

"You obviously don't know my life, poster."

Reddit | theswankeyone

Pfft, I hate how judgmental this poster sounds. Look, people have stuff going on in their lives that may require eating 16 mini donuts, okay? Stop judging people!


Reddit | The_5tealth

But, if I don't tweet about it on the way out then how will my 10 followers know about my exciting day?! It's not the same tweeting after the event. You need to be prepared to die for social media!

"Found a 15-year-old photo and my mom is trying to deny the fact that she used sharpie on the flash in our cat's eyes..."

Reddit | amason549

This person went on to say that they can't work out why their mother is trying to deny it in the first place. It does seem to be a weird thing to lie about!

"Captain Obvious at today's Padres vs. Nationals game."

Reddit | stankydeerbawls

So that's where he's been of late! That is also real dedication to your joke to spend the whole day in that outfit!

And Here Is The Car He Drove Home In...

Reddit | JerkyChew

Ah, Captain Obvious' classic truck! That is a vehicle with one hell of a strong grip on its own identity!

"That clears it up."

Reddit | robb338

If you have worked in a shop at any point in your life, then it will probably not surprise you that they had to state this quite so clearly! People really can be this dense!

"Seemed like the obvious answer..."

Reddit | snorecaptain

I don't know, the dead can't steal food. That's one of the best things about them — that and the fact that you can talk about them behind their back without repercussions!

Yup, That Is Just A Straight Up Fact.

Reddit | JohnnyNapkins

Can't argue with this logic in any way, shape, or form. Just hard-hitting, no-nonsense facts right here. One-hundred percent fact with 0% fat. This is a fact you could butter your toast with and stay healthy.

"My wife asked me to make sure it was obvious which eggs were hard boiled."

Reddit | GrandeSizeIt

I find that the only safe way to check is just to crack them on your head. It's a bold move, but you get a very fast and definitive answer!

We Did It, Boys!

Reddit | UncleanedLemur

Also, people should also take this as proof that you need to clean around your welcome mat more frequently than you may think!

"We did a contest at work where kids had to draw what safety meant to them. Obvious winner right here."

Reddit | the_nubster

I like that they decided to clarify it beneath the drawing just so that people would be absolutely sure what is happening in this image! I mean, I don't know how you could misconstrue it, but still!

No Way!

Reddit | pikerbiker

Do you think that this might be a similar thing to what keeps happening when my car stops working whenever it runs out of gas? I never thought of that!

The Tags Never Lie!

Reddit | Dragonsarentreal

I'd be tearing that tag off immediately. I don't like the tags on my clothing to be anything other than factual. It's a disgrace, quite frankly.

More Signs!

Reddit | Frauki

"What do we want?"

"More signs!"

"When do we want them?"

"More signs!"

"... What?"

You Don't Say...

Reddit | nexusloops

I bet Aquaman must have been really bummed out by this rule when trying to go for a casual swim in his local pool.

"They obviously need all the practice they can get."

Reddit | PlayfulYetBored

Well, it'd be a bit weird if this happened when the gym was locked down for badminton practice. They'd be some truly terrible badminton players!

Now In Stock!

Reddit | Sillywokker2013

Apparently, this sign is actually found in Vegas and is attached to a sex shop. I don't know why I felt the need to tell you that, but now you know!

"I went to Cheesecake Factory for Mother's Day, ordered a side of broccoli and got this sexy big boy."

Reddit | kazembe29

"Dave, what are you doing out here, and why are you cutting down that tree? Get back in the kitchen!"

"This guy asked for broccoli, and by God, I'm gonna give it to him!"

This Groundbreaking Discovery!

Reddit | mcdoogle777

Although, you never really can trust statistics, can you? I mean, what about people born on February 29?!

"Maybe I don't ride my bike enough."

Reddit | chinchilled

Maybe not, but now you can start a new job as a bird taxi service! They don't want to fly all the time.

"My 2-year-old isn't very thrilled about having to finally start the potty training process."

Reddit | wizkidkash

The worst part about growing up is people just not doing things for you anymore, and it all starts here.

"I work with a bunch of idiots."

Reddit | palmerry

Maybe I wanted to make the breakroom smell like oil on fire. Did you ever consider that?

"Thank god for these labels."

Reddit | abstractassassin05

Without this, I would never have known that the Bluetooth button is the Bluetooth button!

"My girlfriend said her life is clearly headed in the right direction."

Reddit | WalkerFLRanger

I unironically agree. A well-fed cat and a ton of wine? Sounds like a happy life to me!

"Fool-proof strategy for never being pulled over by the cops."

Reddit | moby323

"Shouldn't we at least check? In case he's tricking us?"

"Why would he be tricking us? People don't just lie to the police like that."

"Friend stuck instructions to finishing his green bean casserole."

Reddit | chunkymonkeyman

But sticky notes really bring out the flavor in green beans... You'll be lacking without it!

Ohhh, Got It. Not.

Reddit | Isla_de_tortuga

What about cutting a hole in it? Digging under it? I need to know all that "trespassing" covers.

Don't Even Think About It.

Reddit | DamFogelbert

"Finally, time to get rid of this b— aw man, really? Guess I'll go find a new dumpster."

I Wonder Why?

Reddit | Furry-Porn-Account

It's strange that this sign is right beneath the one that has lost its paint. I wonder if...actually, on second thought, I don't want to wonder anything.

"Customer came in complaining about their tablet. Screen wasn't clear enough and not registering touch correctly. This is what I found."

Reddit | Slater91

How do people forget to peel the plastic film off new tech? That's the best part!

"Little known fact."

Reddit | TouchedByUncle

Look, I think that most people were very aware of this fact, just based upon the amount of gas that they produce. If you're pretending that you didn't read this and think, "Yeah, that checks out," then you're a liar.