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'Ellen Show' Producers Deny Claims The Show Is Done Amidst Cancellation Rumors

Fear not The Ellen DeGeneres Show fans, the iconic daytime TV show will not be canceled anytime soon, reports The New York Post.

This rumour started amidst the drama that Ellen and her show have been facing since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, however now, Ellen's peeps are saying this is NOT true!

As you've probably heard, Ellen been surrounded by a lot of ~ controversy ~ these past few months.

It all started with a thread on Twitter with people telling their most outrageous stories about the talk show host.

The alleged stories included people who worked for Ellen, and people who had interacted with her throughout the years.

A few weeks after that thread went viral, a few of Ellen's employee's spoke to *Variety* about their mistreatment while working on the show.

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The article claimed Ellen's staff was subjected to poor communication in regards to their pay, hours and their mental and physical health.

Then, of course, there was the time Ellen compared being quarantined in her multi-million dollar mansion to being stuck in jail!

Ah yes, jail, with your dogs, your favorite foods and your significant other!

Classic prison amenities!

Amidst all this drama, British publication *The Sun* reported that Ellen's show was in its final stretch.

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They claimed the show was being canceled because of record low ratings since Ellen has been broadcasting from home.

However, Ellen's team is now denying these claims to the *New York Post.*

"Telepictures can confirm it’s untrue," they said in a statement.

Well, I'm sure many fans will be glad to hear the show isn't being cancelled!