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People Are Making And Smashing Coronavirus Piñatas To Let Out Their Frustration

We will always remember 2020 as the year that everyone thought was going to be theirs. People were finally going to stop procrastinating. They were going to get their lives in order, whatever that really means. They were going to finish backyards in the summer and clean basements and do more face masks and bath bombs! 2020 was going to be the year of self care, until Little Miss Rona, better known as COVID-19, decided to "nah" those plans, maybe minus the bath bombs and face masks.

To cope with the unforeseen circumstances brought forth by the pandemic, people are no longer baking banana bread, making sourdough starters, or hoarding toilet paper. They've now moved on to more ruthless measures to finally get their revenge on the virus.

In an effort to try and cope with all the uncertainty that coronavirus brought to our lives, plenty of unsuspecting trends suddenly appeared from nowhere, such as baking banana bread, making sourdough starter, and hoarding toilet paper—but now it's the coronavirus piñata's time to shine.

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Yes, people are making COVID-19-shaped piñatas to take that much-needed cathartic revenge out on the virus.

The structure of the virus actually works out to make the perfect piñata.

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It's spherical with little pegs sticking out.

This means it's also pretty easy to make.

As you can see from Instagrammer @xarismartinez's post, you can easily make the piñata with some simple paper maché skills from elementary school using a balloon, newspaper, and glue.

Of course, a piñata wouldn't be a piñata without stuffing it with plenty of comforting treats hidden inside to enjoy while bingeing Netflix later!

People aren't just making the semi-morbid piñatas for celebrations, like birthdays, that have been cancelled due to the pandemic.

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They're also just making them as a cathartic release and get their chance to "beat" coronavirus.

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