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Adorable Dachschund Puppy's Piebald Fur Makes Him Look Like A Dalmatian Or Cow

As Diply's resident Cute Correspondent, I know that I'm incredibly lucky to be able to surf through Instagram, Twitter, and the vast web of the internet and look at cute animals all day. It is a privilege and one I am very aware of, so I take my job of sharing only the very best of the very good with our audience very seriously.

May I present to you: Moo.

Moo is a seven-month-old miniature dachshund with the most incredible little piebald body.

Instagram | @moo_in_miami

He has also clearly mastered the perfect side-eye.

Piebald is the term for when an animal's coat has white, unpigmented patches atop a pigmented background. So technically Moo is a black dog with a whole lot of connected white spots.

But technicalities aside, his piebald fur makes him look like a sausage dog's head is floating on a mini-Dalmation's body.

Instagram | @moo_in_miami

Or like a stubby little cow. A certified all beef weiner dog, if you will.

However, if his Instagram pics are any indication, Moo is all ham.

(I'll see myself out.)

Seriously, look how he shows off that bacon.

Instagram | @moo_in_miami

Moo's human, Victoria, said that a lot of people assume that he's wearing a sweater when they first see him, but it's all natural.

He gets a ton of attention every time they leave the house.

She and her partner had always wanted a dachshund and when the COVID-19 crisis forced them to stay home, they decided to go for it.

Instagram | @moo_in_miami

And they haven't regretted it for an instant. "He has lots of attitude and is super cuddly and sweet as well," Victoria says.

If you'd like to see more of Moo's personality and watch him grow up, you can follow him on Instagram @moo_in_miami

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