10+ Clever Home Hacks We Just Have To Try

If you know me you know that I love to keep my house nice, clean, and tidy. I absolutely can't stand having a mess. So whenever possible I try to come up with clever ideas to organize everything to a tee.

Today I've stumbled upon some awesome home hacks that I know are going to come in handy pretty soon.

1. Over-The-Door Storage Hack


One way to find more room in your bathroom to store stuff is to implement the over-the-door storage idea. I can't believe I haven't done that yet. That's so cool and totally out of the way, too.

2. Use Hair Clips On Cables

Imgur | DengusKhan

That's such a neat idea. If you don't have hair clips you can use clips of any kind. It's much better than having all those cables lying all over the place, isn't it? Ha, ha!

3. Organize Cables In Toilet Paper Rolls

Imgur | DengusKhan

Speaking of cables, here's another neat idea. Don't throw away those empty toilet paper rolls, reuse them instead. Doesn't this cable management system look so much neater or what? I'm digging this idea.

4. Keep That Wrapping Paper Under Control

Instagram | @shanhays22

Speaking of toilet paper rolls and their clever uses, how do you like this cool idea? I gotta say, I dunno why I haven't started doing that yet. It makes total sense.

5. Keep That Toilet Bowl Clean

Flickr | raisingdaddy

Just how do you do that, you ask? Well, I'll let you on a little secret. Buy some denture tablets. Yes, you heard me right. Then drop one in the bowl once a week.

6. Use Office Organizers To Store Hair Appliances

Just because they're designed for the office doesn't mean you can't use them in other ways, am I right? Look how clever this idea is. I gotta say I absolutely love it.

7. Use Post-It Notes For Home Renos

Imgur | DengusKhan

If you need to drill some holes but don't want the mess, no worries. Just use this post-it note trick and you won't have to clean anything afterward. I wonder who came up with that.

8. Use Rubber Bands On Doors

YouTube | Nancy Denzer

If you ever have a need to keep a door from closing on you, listen up. Just attach a rubber band like this and voilà. The door won't close anymore. Isn't that so smart?

9. Hide Those Toothbrushes Out Of Sight

Reddit | Top8Dan

Never worry about your toothbrushes getting dusty again. Just install a handy toothbrush holder like this inside of your bathroom cabinet. Oh my gosh, why didn't I ever think of that? Wow!

10. Install A Double Shower Rod

Hammacher Schlemmer

Are you always running out of space to hang up your towels in your bathroom? I know what that's like. So the best solution for this problem is to install a double shower rod.

11. Install Hooks On A Counter

One way to find more space in your powder room for some towels and rags is to do this. Just install a few hooks on the counter and voilà — problem solved, am I right?

12. Use Foam Noodles To Catch Socks

YouTube | t00nz843z

Are you always wondering, "What happened to my missing sock?" Well, now you won't have to search for it between your washing machine and the wall. Ha, ha! That is such a neat idea.

13. Instant Grill Storage

Reddit | Need_no_Reddit_name

Apparently, "S" hooks can solve a ton of storage problems. This time, they're being used to organize your grill. Grab a few of these hooks and use them to hang up all your grilling tools. Genius!

14. The Best Way To Organize Bras

Reddit | dollface1999

Most women keep their bras in drawers, but hanging them up might be a better solution. Hold onto those odd lingerie hangers from the store and use them for your bras. They'll be organized and you don't have to worry about the cups getting crushed.

15. Taco 'Bout A Great Idea

Reddit | malibu45

If it happens to be Taco Tuesday at your house and you're in a pinch, don't worry. Apparently, dish drying racks make great taco holders. Pick up a few from the dollar store before your next fiesta.

16. The Easiest Way To Roll Quarters

Reddit | BeautifulLilFool

If you're looking to get rid of all that spare change, here's a great tip:

"Mini M&M containers fit quarters perfectly. Large tube holds $40 and short tube holds $20," Reddit user BeautifulLilFool said.

17. Keep Pets Clean And Comfortable

Reddit | londonlee04

Use one of those rubber litter mats as a bath mat when you give your pets a wash. It will help them grip the bottom of the tub and make them more comfortable when it's bath time.

18. Know Which Side Is Which

Reddit | -Myrtle_the_Turtle-

If you have an odd-shaped blanket and can never remember which sides are short, just label the blanket with a permanent marker. Sometimes the easiest solutions are the best ones.

19. DIY A Hinged Spout

Reddit | Joejayce

If you constantly have to move your downspout when you mow the lawn, there's an easy solution to that problem. Make a hinged downspout that easily folds up. You just need to cut off a small section of the spout and then reattach it with some screws!

20. The Best Way To Keep Bagels Fresh

Reddit | tw272727

Someone discovered that you can keep bagels fresh by tucking the end of the bag directly into the bagels' holes. That is such a brilliant idea.

21. Stack Your Clothes Vertically

Imgur | DengusKhan

That way you can see exactly what you've got in your drawer. It actually takes up less space too if you think about it. I'm totally going to put this to the test ASAP. Right on!

22. Pool Noodles To The Rescue

Use pool noodles, a bit of wire, and some netting to protect your garden from critters. This simple barrier can be made with dollar store supplies and is a natural way to keep animals at bay.

I gotta tell you I'm absolutely obsessed with clever home hacks.

It definitely doesn't help that I live in a small house. So finding space for all my stuff is imperative. I'm getting so many cool ideas from all of these.