10+ Mistakes Fans Didn't Catch In 'Pinocchio'

One of the most beloved films in the Disney Vault is Pinocchio. For decades it's helped teach children to listen to their conscience and that dreams really do come true.

Being as it was made more than 70 years ago, there are some things that haven't aged well. Take a look and check out these 10+ Mistakes fans didn't notice in Pinocchio!

1. Mysterious moving matchsticks abound!


While Jimminy Cricket explains to Pinocchio what a conscience is, he stands atop a box of matches with a single matchstick poking out.

When the magical fairy bends down and asks if he would like to be Pinocchio's conscience, there are now two matches sticking out.

2. Pinocchio's wrong hand is on fire.


While sitting in front of a lit candle, Pinocchio accidentally lights his left index finger on fire.

But when Gepetto dunks his hand in the fishbowl to extinguish the flame, it's his right hand - not the left.

3. Where did Jimminy Cricket's umbrella come from?


The first time we meet Jimminy Cricket is when he's singing the classic "When You Wish Upon A Star". You can clearly see there's no umbrella in sight.

But as soon as he finishes the song and the camera zooms in, there's the umbrella hanging right beside him.

4. Did Pinocchio lose his leather book strap?

Before Pinocchio leaves for his first day of school, Gepetto gives him an apple and a book, bound in a large leather strap.

Yet just a moment later, right before Pinocchio stumbles upon Honest John and trips, the strap is gone!

Furthermore, after he trips the book and apple completely vanish from sight!


Without a trace! They're just completely gone as if they never existed in the first place. This tends to happen a lot in early Disney films.

Which is somewhat understandable, considering they were all hand-drawn.

5. What happened to the little wooden doll?

As Jimminy Cricket stares through the window, one of the things that catches his eye is a small wooden doll wearing a purple dress.

In the next shot, as the camera zooms out, the doll completely disappears.

6. Did Jimminy's hat and coat just disappear?

Jimminy tries to free Pinocchio after he's locked in a cage by Stromboli. Before entering the lock mechanism, Jimminy removes his hat and coat, hanging them outside.

Yet when the camera zooms out, the coat and hat are nowhere to be found!

The lock also seems to change sides between camera shots as well.


It goes left to right at least three different times throughout. These are the kind of inconsistencies that drive me absolutely insane!

I just can't unsee it once it's been pointed out to me.

7. The horses on the carousel seem to be changing colors?


No, it isn't a problem with your TV settings and your eyes are just fine. The horses on the merry-go-round really are changing colors.

Rather shamelessly too I might add.

8. A very patchy job for Jimminy.

Try to focus on Jimminy's coat throughout the film.

At various times, you'll be able to see that the patches on his jacket seem to move around. They change in size, shape, location, and even color!

9. Where did those extra marionettes come from?


During the scene where we watch as Pinocchio becomes entangled with the strings of the marionettes, there appear to be two extras.

While he was on stage there were only five. But if you count, there are now seven!

10. Sinking the 8-ball.


In a very age-appropriate scene, Pinocchio is playing pool while smoking a cigar. When Jimminy cricket falls into the pocket, there is a black eight-ball and a yellow one-ball.

Watch as the scene cuts: the yellow one-ball changes to a red three-ball.

Also, 8-Ball Pool didn't exist at the time that the film is supposed to be set in.

As we know it today, 8-Ball didn't become popularized until the very early 1900s, which is nearly a century after the film takes place.

At that time, Snooker would have been the billiards game of choice.

12. Honest John's gloves seem to repair themselves.


If you look as Honest John holds his pad of paper in-hand, there's clearly a noticeable hole in the thumb of the glove.

But as soon as he hands Pinocchio his ticket, the hole is gone!

13. Where did the hole in the floor go?

Early on in the puppet show, Pinocchio trips and hilariously gets his nose stuck into a knothole in the floorboards.

Once he picks himself up and the show resumes, the knothole seems to vanish from sight.

14. A feather in your cap.


One of Pinocchio's trademark features is the feather in his cap. Oddly enough, it's also one of the biggest mistakes of the film.

From beginning to end, it keeps changing sides throughout the movie.