11+ Times Kids Showed Us Up With Some Pretty Genius Lifehacks

Do your kids ever come up with genius inventions to make their lives easier? If they do, you're really lucky. I wonder where they get that from? Ha, ha!

Turns out some kids are even smarter than their folks and these pictures are here to prove it. Take a look at them and marvel at what the future generation has in store.

1. This iPhone Speaker System


Do you like to listen to music on your phone but you don't have a loud enough speaker? No problem. If you're this kid inventor, it won't stop you one bit. That's a great idea.

2. This Clever Kid

Next time you tell your kids that they can only drink orange juice and not soda I hope they don't do this. OMG! I'm surprised that this kid thought she could get this one past her parents. Ha, ha!

3. This DIY Home Theater

Using a cardboard box and a phone, this kid made a home theater that actually looks pretty comfortable if you ask me. This is a great idea for those rainy days stuck indoors.

4. This Avid Snacker

Twitter | @fratbathroom

When you grow up you may have to learn how to multitask to get all your important stuff done. So I guess this kid is starting to practice it now. Swimming and snacking is a thing, you know.

5. This Professional Gift Wrapper

I dunno if you can still call a 21-year-old a child, but nonetheless... Would you be proud if they gave you a Christmas gift wrapped in duct tape? LOL! I dunno about that but it does make for an interesting challenge (plus, no peeking!).

6. This Bath Time Invention

So this kid really wanted to play with his toy in the water. Therefore, he attached these floaties, thinking they would do the trick. I would like to see him try it at least. Right? Hee, hee.

7. This Lego Stand

When your kid wants to find a better way to read their Kindle, they, of course, invent a perfect stand for it made out of Lego. Ha, ha! How inventive is that? Huh? I'm digging this concept.

8. This Guitar

Instagram | @the.league.of.young.inventors

Do you know what this is? It's actually a guitar a young inventor made. He also learned how the string's pitch can be modified by adjusting its length, thickness, and tension. Wow! That looks pretty dang cool.

9. This Wading Pool Invention

So what if you don't have an actual swimming pool? Take a note from these kids' playbooks and just make one out of what you've got. In this case, a truck. Ha, ha! Hey, it works.

10. This Smart Utensil

Instagram | @mandeesuch

Who needs to spend money to buy all those kitchen utensils when you can just improvise and make your own? Here I present to you a set of fork tongs created by an inventive 11-year-old.

11. This Card Deck Holder

I mean, why would you even need to hold your playing cards when a hairbrush is a perfect holder for them? Ha, ha! Why didn't I ever think of that while playing cards? This is genius.

12. This Safe Candle

Here's an invention that's smart and safe. This clever kid came up with a way to make an LED candle that is safe for kids to use. He invented it specifically for Diwali, an Indian holiday where candles are lit in celebration. Smart!

13. This Freezie Sleeve

Freezies are the best part of summer, but they can make your hands pretty cold. That's why this kid came up with a freezie sleeve to help keep his hands nice and warm.

14. This Swing Handle

This little girl figured out the perfect way to swing her brother — she made a handle from a skipping rope. Now she can face her brother and swing him without worrying about getting in the swing's way.

15. This Dual Purpose Shaker

If you frequently use salt and pepper together, you need this kid to come to your house and make you one of these. I'll be honest, it's basically just two shakers taped together, but it's still brilliant!

16. This Natural Lemon Spray

I don't know how I never thought of this before. One kid used a spray bottle pump and a lemon to make an all-natural DIY air freshener. This has to be the easiest DIY air freshener I've ever seen.

17. This Ice Cream Hack

Not only does this hack prevent a big ice cream mess, it also means that you basically get two cones for the price of one. I think this girl was hoping to just get the second cone, and it looks like she succeeded.

18. This DIY Kayak

Instead of buying expensive doll accessories, one kid used a little imagination and the materials from their recycling bin. A paper towel tube makes a great DIY doll kayak in a pinch.

19. This Non-Slip Spoon

If you're tired of fishing out your spoon from your cereal, you need this clever kid's invention. Tape that spoon to a clothespin and clip it to your bowl when you're not using it. Honestly, this blew my mind.

20. This Snack-On-The-Go Solution

Does your kid like walking their dog? Do they also like snacks? Then they need this genius invention that allows you to eat while you walk your dog. Just fill the cup with snacks, clip it to your belt, and you're all set. I hope he gets a patent.

21. This Playdough Hack

One artistic child discovered that you can use playdough (or, in this case, Silly Putty) to make outfits for dolls. OMG, I would have loved to do this as a child. Plus, it saves parents from spending a ton of money on doll clothes.

22. This Cheese Stick

You know your kid is one smart cookie when they invent this. This girl replaced her mom's used lip balm with cheese so she can eat some in class. Nice! I like that idea.

I'm really impressed with what these smart kids came up with.

I guess that's what happens when you really put your mind to something. I'd like to see what these kids do when they grow up. Am I right?