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Spice Up Your Summer Sippin' With Frozen Fireball Margaritas

If there's anything that's a sure thing this summer, it's that margaritas haven't gone anywhere, which is honestly relieving. They're at least something stable in our lives, at least. And when it comes to margs, the limit just doesn't seem to exist.

You can pretty much turn any flavor you're craving into a margarita, and if you're looking to really kick up your margarita game, look no further than Fireball-infused margs.

I don't know what it is about Fireball, but when people see it, they just can't turn it down.

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Its subtle spice and sweet cinnamon flavor just puts people in a trance, even on yours truly.

If you love Fireball Whiskey and margaritas, then try mixing them together for the ultimate summer elixir.

If you have a go-to marg recipe, then feel free to just add some Fireball to it. But if you're looking to try something new, take a look at this recipe from liquor store Douglas Wine & Spirits.

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Strawberry and cinnamon seem to be competing flavors, but the sweetness and spiciness come together swimmingly thanks to the neutralizing force of tequila.

What a nice pal.

Delish's Fireball margarita recipe also looks, well, delish!

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Their recipe uses frozen pineapple instead of strawberry for more of a tropical vibe.

Grenadine syrup is also poured over top to add some sweetness, but also make it look like a fiery drink.

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For an extra punch of presentation, try tipping a mini bottle of Fireball into the margarita.

This drink is sure to spice up your summer, yet cool you off all at once!

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