10+ Random Facts About Jennifer Lawrence Fans Didn't Know

Few actors/actresses in Hollywood are as delightfully down to earth as Jennifer Lawrence. She walks to the beat of her own drum and we love her for it!

As public a figure that J-Law is, there's still a lot that fans don't know about her. Look for yourself and check out these 10+ cool facts about Jennifer Lawrence that fans didn't know!

1. She still gets star-struck.

You'd think that being an Academy Award-winning actress that Jennifer would be used to rubbing elbows with the Hollywood elite. But clearly the success hasn't gone to her head.

As you can see, she's positively giddy while meeting one of her all-time favorite actors, Jeff Bridges.

Jennifer had a similar reaction at The Oscar Awards after being approached by Jack Nicholson.

It was right after she'd won for Silver Lining's Playbook. Her reaction is absolutely priceless!

I personally think she held it together quite well. I'd be a puddle on the floor if old Jack came up to me and started doing his Joker impression.

2. She has potential to be a serious contender on the Late Night TV circuit.

YouTube | Jimmy Kimmel Live

How is it that we're living in the year 2020 and we still don't have a female Late Night TV host? This is a call to action and I, for one, nominate Jennifer Lawrence!

She absolutely slays in this interview with Kim Kardashian.

3. She isn't afraid to hit her co-stars where it hurts!

BBC Radio 1

During their game of Playground Insults on BBC Radio 1, Jennifer completely unleashed on Chris Pratt! It was easily one of the funniest and darkest episodes of the series.

Don't worry Chris, I actually really liked you in Everwood.

4. She takes preparation for a role extremely seriously.

When Jennifer was cast to play Ree in Winter's Bone, she became a true woman of the woods.

She taught herself to chop wood, studied martial arts and self-defense, and even learned to skin squirrels!

5. Jennifer is the only actor/actress born in the 1990s to win an Oscar.

The Weinstein Company

How crazy is that? I for one think it's wild that Saoirse Ronan still doesn't have an Oscar, but I digress.

If there can only be one, I'm glad it's Jennifer. She does the decade proud!

Her win for *Silver Lining's Playbook* put her in the history books.

The Weinstein Company

No, I'm not talking about her tumble up the stairs (although that was incredible).

At the time of her win, Jennifer was the second-youngest person in history to win Best Actress in a Leading Role!

6. Jennifer's love for Doritos has gotten her in trouble while on set.

While she was filming American Hustle, Jennifer's stained chip-fingers would actually ruin her wardrobe!

It got so bad that the prop department had to create multiple dresses to ensure that she'd always have a clean one on hand.

7. Awards make her feel weird.

20th Century Fox

Jennifer isn't one to celebrate her own success. Not even when she's achieved it on the highest level.

After she won her Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role, she gave the statue to her parents.

8. She aspires to be a director.

"I'd like to direct at some point. But I don't know because 10 years ago I would have never imagined that I'd be here. So in 10 years from now, I might be running a rodeo."

Yee-haw, Jennifer!

9. She once went shot-for-shot with Stephen Colbert.

YouTube | The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

I'm guessing that Stephen was trying to take a page from the book of Graham Norton on this one.

Those are massive drinks! And both of them are just downing them with ease. Brava, Jennifer!

10. She's related to an Avenger!


An X-Men and an Avenger, who would have thought!?

Jennifer is the fifth cousin of Jeremy Renner, who plays Hawkeye in the MCU. Supposedly the team at were the ones that made the connection. Jen and Jeremy share the same great-grandfather!

11. Jennifer may have been high when she went up to accept her Oscar Aaward.

Roadside Attractions

In a 2015 interview, Jennifer admitted to smoking up with her brother before the awards ceremony.

Could this explain the reason behind her infamous fall on the Oscar stage steps?!

12. She was discovered completely by accident.

It happened while Jennifer was in New York, visiting her mother on holiday.

She had a chance encounter with a photographer on the street, which inevitably resulted in her signing with an agency.

13. Jennifer really does know how to use a bow and arrow.

As you can imagine, she picked up the skill while she was filming for The Hunger Games.

Not only was Jennifer practicing her archery, but she was also working out two times a day to get her body into shape.