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10+ Cool Facts About 'Vikings' Star Travis Fimmel Fans Didn't Know

Since first appearing in Los Angeles all those years ago, Travis Fimmel has been captivating audiences. He's become famous for his blue-steel gaze and for his role as Ragnar in Vikings.

Travis is incredibly private and a man of very few words. So to help you get better acquainted, here are 10+ interesting facts about Vikings star Travis Fimmel fans didn't know!

1. Travis comes from the land down under!

It might surprise you to learn that Travis is Australian! He's the youngest of three boys and spent his childhood growing up on a cattle farm.

He came to the States later on to pursue acting.

2. He has a lot of love for the Irish.


If you have never been to Ireland, Fimmel may be just the guy to convince you to go. He's obsessed with the place!

When asked if he'd ever give up his Irish residence, Travis said he wouldn't.

"No, I stay in a little cabin. I stay whenever I want."

"I stay on a beautiful little lake. A great Irish family. Fishing all the time. It’s one of the most beautiful countries, and the nicest people I’ve ever met."

3. Travis secretly longs to work with Mel Gibson.

"I’ve always loved Mel Gibson. I think he’s awesome. I love the humor that he brings to everything. And he’s an Aussie. I would love to work with him."

If only Travis were a little older, maybe Mel would have cast him in Braveheart?

4. Even though he's far from home, Travis never forgets where he came from.


"I’ve got Aussie country pride for sure. I just like where I grew up. I think you’ve got lots in common with the people who grew up the same as you."

5. Travis' dream is to one day run his own farm in Australia.


"I haven’t made enough money to buy a farm. I want a big farm. Everything is expensive in Australia. I got a long way to go, unfortunately. I had a two-year plan that went to a four-year plan that went to a six-year plan."

6. He took his first modeling job to avoid being deported.

"I was in class for a couple of years before I had even gone out for an audition. When I decided to stay in L.A., it was to act. Then I couldn’t stay here because of the visa, and so I had to do the modeling stuff."

7. Travis was embarrassed for his friends and family back home to find out he was an actor.

Instagram | @travisfimmel

"I didn’t want anybody to know that I was trying to be an actor at home. I wanted to do it over here so nobody knew. They didn’t know until I got a job—a TV series for the WB."

8. Just like his character Ragnar, Travis has had some pretty questionable hairstyles over the years.

"I remember putting gel in my hair—I had the spike and the rat’s tail. I got a flat top for a while. That was between 12 and 16."

9. He seriously hates having to audition.

Universal Pictures

Some people might think that being an actor isn't hard, or isn't a big deal, but really, it's a very stressful business, and not many people actually do make it to the top!

The audition process can be brutal, and Fimmel absolutely hates it.

"I’ve walked out halfway through, embarrassed, plenty of times. I put myself on video tape."

"I can’t remember the last job I got from actually auditioning. It’s horrible. Nervous, sweaty, embarrassed. I feel like a little monkey. I just panic. I get out of there," he said.

10. Travis is quite the handy-man to have around the house.

When asked in an interview with GQ about his current passion project, Travis replied he was renovating his ranch:

“I’m fixing it all up. The shed. Renovating the house. Putting up fences. I’m down to doing exterior stuff – the trees, building stuff on the deck.”

He goes on to explain just how much satisfaction he derives from working with his hands.

Universal Pictures

“I enjoy doing that stuff. I enjoy seeing nothing there, doing it, then seeing something that wasn’t there before.”

You're a true Renaissance Man, Travis!

11. His modeling contract with Calvin Klein was record breaking.

Travis was the first male model to receive a six-figure contract to model exclusively for Calvin Klein — for just one year!

Not only did his deal smash records, but it also trashed a few cars as well!

Apparently, Travis' billboard became so much of a distraction that it actually caused several car crashes!


You know you've become a success in the modeling world when men and women are literally smashing their vehicles just to take a peek at your gorgeous physique.

12. His family keeps him grounded.


“They still laugh at me. It’s very entertaining for them because they know who I am, of course. They still can’t believe I’m doing what I’m doing. Now my dad wants me to do a cowboy film.”

13. Travis has appeared in several music videos for big name pop stars.

The most notable of the bunch would be Janet Jackson's "Someone To Call My Lover" as well as Jennifer Lopez's smash single "I'm Real."

Look closely and you'll spot him!

14. He doesn't actually care too much about his acting.

"I don’t know why I’m doing it. I still have no idea why I’m doing it," he once said.

When he was asked if people got angry for him having that attitude, he gave a very interesting response.

"I don’t care. Why would people get angry at me? Do they think we’re curing cancer?"

"I think people take themselves too seriously if they get offended by it; it’s just a job. I’m not knocking doctors. There’s some great stuff about acting and all that. It just doesn’t affect me."

15. He didn't have trouble saying goodbye to his role on *Vikings*.


"No, not at all. As soon as the cameras are off, I start talking to people. I’m not one of those actors that live and breathe the character, and take it home."

"It was such a great experience, and it was also a great experience to work in Australia. Where you’re working makes such a big difference."


Well, he might not have had trouble saying goodbye, but I certainly had trouble letting go of him!

16. He really, really hates social media.

He also hates when his dog doesn't come to him when he calls for him, and when there are tools missing from his work shed!

We all have our pet peeves, am I right?

Do you know any other interesting and fun facts about the amazing Travis Fimmel?

Or were you pleasantly surprised by all these cool facts that you learned throughout the article?

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