Quotes That Make Us Say 'That's Totally Me'

We've all been there. You're scrolling through Facebook, Twitter, or whatever the current social media platform of the moment is, and see a quote or meme that causes you to pause.

You read it again and think, "That's totally me."

It could be something very small or niche that you've always assumed was specific to you, but now you've learned that, nope, it's #relatable.

That may be one of my favorite parts about how the internet has changed the world.

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Sure, access to global knowledge and expanded communities is awesome, but so is learning that you aren't as much of a weirdo as you thought.

Or more correctly, perhaps, that everyone is just a big ol' weirdo.

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We spend so much of our time worrying about whether or not this one odd tick of ours or bad habit is what makes us "abnormal" compared to the rest of humanity.

The internet has changed that, for better and sometimes for worse.

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Now we regularly see the evidence that everyone is different, everyone has odd quirks, and the cultural assumption about what is "normal" is really just a mass delusion. There is no normal.

There is just humanity and humanity is just plain wacky.

We relate to these quotes, memes, tweets, etc. because we have all been there at one point.

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We've all been that person who was totally trying to show off our arm strength by carrying all the groceries, only to look like a dumb-dumb when we can't reach our keys.

We end up either having to put everything down, or attempt to twist our bodies around to reach the keys without losing our balance. Sometimes, we're even the person that fails, loses their balance, and just ends up on the porch, sitting awkwardly on a squashed loaf of bread.

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