8+ Clever Home Hacks From TikTok

If you're not already on TikTok, you need it be. Not only is that app full of hilarious people, it's chock full of amazing artists, DIY-ers, and hackers!

Just in case you're not on the TikTok train yet, we've rounded up some of the coolest home hacks for you to check out. And hey, if you download the app after this? Bonus.

Clean your washing machine filter with ease.

TikTok | @speedcleaningqueen

It's not just your dryer that has a filter — your washing machine might have one, too. And the results of cleaning it? Well, they're pretty gross.

Hang a gallery wall using toothpaste.

TikTok | @aliyarinaldi

TikTok user @aliyarinaldi's mom is an interior designer, and she posted a genius hack for hanging pictures the easy way: Put a bit of toothpaste where you want the nail to go! Simply press it to the wall, then nail where the toothpaste is left behind. Wipe it off after and hang your pictures!

Get that Anthropologie look for a low price.

TikTok | @daniemariethatsme

Aka free, or close to free if you have to buy some paint. Give your vases a makeover with some paint to give them new life! Check out the whole TikTok here.

This hack will save you some math.

TikTok | @renoiq

Apparently, tape measures come with their own width written on the back. Instead of bending the measure up when you get to an edge, just add whatever the width is from the back!

This one might be easier to watch than read about. Check it out.

Get stubborn grease out of your microwave.

TikTok | @mama_mila_

Mix a cup of water with one teaspoon of liquid dishwashing detergent and microwave for four minutes. The steam created will loosen up all the microwave gunk enough to wipe it all off with ease!

Try a new folding style to get towels to fit.

TikTok | @easilyorganized

If those pesky hand towels are just too fluffy to stack in a drawer, roll them up instead! They'll fit better, and you'll feel satisfied in knowing you won't want to scream the next time you open that drawer.

Clean your sink like a pro.

TikTok | @mama_mila_

So, here's what you're going to need to clean your sink and make it shine like new: baking soda, vinegar, lemon, and baby oil. Then follow along with this TikTok to make it happen!

Hang more than one piece of clothing on your hangers.

TikTok | @hollyvlogsofficial

And get sustainable at the same time! You can use the tabs from pop cans to do this hack. Pro tip: make sure your closet rail can hold the amount of weight this hack would create!

Freshen up your sofa's smell.

TikTok | @thebournemouthmum

Let's be real: something that feet and butts go on isn't going to smell great all the time. Simply stuff some dryer sheets in there to make your cushions smell fresh!

Mix paint with a drill.

TikTok | @homestoriesatoz

If the old paint cans in your garage need re-mixing (and don't smell awful — that's a sign of bad paint), attach a paddle or makeshift paddle to your drill and let 'er rip!

This tool will clean BOTH sides of your windows.

TikTok | @greatgifts

So, I need this. The sponge has a magnet that allows it to hold onto another sponge on the other side of the window. Clean both sides of your windows with ease! Great for us lazy people, tbh.

Here's the tool.

Hang big mirrors in no time.

TikTok | @presonkonrad

Simply stretch a piece of painter's tape along the back, mark where the holes are, then remove the tape and stick it to the wall (make sure it's level). Drill your holes and remove the tape!

Okay, this one looks complicated, but I promise it's not.

TikTok | @mrfixitdiy

If you have some loose hinges that just won't tighten up, this TikTok is for you. You'll need a drill, wood glue, and some dowels to fill the existing screw holes and re-drill new ones using the dowels.

Fold your jeans away efficiently.

TikTok | @xtassy

I think we all know you're going to have to watch this one to get it, so I'm going to link the whole video here.

Add curtains to your rental without drilling a single hole.

TikTok | @louiburke

I really wish I could go back in time and show my past self this hack, because WOW did I put holes in my last place. Use Command Hooks to put an Ikea curtain rod + curtain up! Watch the whole tutorial here.

Remove stubborn oil stains with...more oil.

TikTok | @mama_mila

This actually works, which is mind blowing. Eucalyptus oil used in combination with baking soda will remove even old oil stains from your clothes! Check it out here.

Rinse food off of your dishes without getting any down the drain.

TikTok | @janegreen8

You know those caddies you can buy to store sponges? Well, turns out those things have multiple uses. Rinse your plate into the caddy, then dump the food out after!

Give Alexa a proper home.

TikTok | @elbigebuyer

That cord is really annoying, isn't it? Time to give it a new place to literally hang. You can turn it any which way, but I'd recommend letting it hang vertically to save the plug any stress.

Get one here.

Brighten up your grout.

TikTok | @mama_mila_

Mix together baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, then put it on your grout. Leave for 10 minutes, and scrub it off to reveal beautifully clean grout!

Get sustainable.

TikTok | @mama_mila

Need some more planters? Got a ton of candles? Are you literally me? Then this TikTok is gonna help you out. Rinse out your old candle jars and use them as planters!

Get you some removable wall hooks!

TikTok | @katiecung

So, apparently Amazon sells removable wall hooks that aren't ugly, which feels like a miracle. It looks like it's these hooks.

Never get paint on your paint can rim again.

TikTok | @goodlyearth

This hack is simple, yet effective. Before you pour your paint, tape two pieces of painter's tape in a "v" along the rim. Then gently pour it into your pan!